USA Gives Nod, Buhari To Embark On More Arrests – Aliyu Gusau, Okonjo Iweala, Next


Information available to through sources in New York conversant with the goings on within the Nigeria/USA diplomatic circles indicate that the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Malam Muhammadu Buhari is certain to embark on more arrests of officials of the Goodluck Jonathan administration. The information indicates that a pre-list had been prepared by the Buhari kitchen staff of likely officials to be arrested and investigated. The list was drafted prior to President Buhari trip to the United State of America [USA] to visit with President Obama.

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Specifically, President Buhari is set to trigger a deluge of arrests of high profile officials of the Jonathan administration. The arrest is to come immediately following his return from his USA trip. The President had delayed the arrests in order to seek a concrete nod from President Obama over supposed “untouchables” contained in the list. Among the untouchables mentioned in the list include officials within the security ranks and officials within finance management and petroleum resources management.

Our source indicates the Obama administration had given the President of Nigeria an earlier go ahead – prior to the current visit. The current leg of visit has netted a second go ahead nob to proceed with the arrests – while promising USA’s support – in providing the necessary resources to track the corrupt money trail. “Obama folks promised they will not interfere” or stop the arrest of Nigeria’s ‘sacred cows’. learnt from a consortium of other sources – President Buhari’s determined obsession on impressing upon the Obama administration a perception of his administration as the pivotal anti-corruption administration in sub-Saharan Africa and possibly Africa.

The presidency has opted to embark on mass arrests – the kind never witnessed in Nigeria’s young democratic experience. With the support of his kitchen staff comprising largely of old friends from his active military years and other close family members, Buhari, according to the source, appears determined and resolved.

Unverified but credible information indicates that the former Minister of Defense in the person of Aliyu Gusau and the former Minister of Finance in the person of Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala are likely next on the line of fire for the Buhari presidency.  “Oshiomole’s recent public attacks on madam is not coincidence” said the source who pointed at the Edo State governor’s public accusation of former minister of finance as part of the plot.

Aliyu Gusau will be called in” to retire funds expended on the fight against Boko Haram and to explain the embarrassment served the Nigerian military in the hands of an inferior adversary. The source added the military intelligence believes Aliyu Gusau’s activities as having aided the Jihadists group – financially and intelligence.

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  1. Charlie Coupe July 28, 2015 at 12:11 pm -

    Solomon! Solomon!! Solomon!!!
    Three times I called your name in awe. And that’s because I love people who speak the truth without fear, self-serving flavour. I have long realised that truth and courage is not meant for the faint-hearted. You’re a BRAVE one; I must say. Even if the ‘powers’ in Nigeria do not judge you well; be glad and happy because the God of this universe will give you a deserving credit. Let me remind us that at the end “…everything shall pass”. The day ‘you’ finally close ‘your’ eyes will be the end of all that power and wealth…never to be seen or remembered. It all becomes a complete VOID. We go with emptiness just as we came. So, why are we so reckless, stubborn and deaf? This world is both physical and spiritual. Why then are we only concerned about the material/physical world? My brother I dare to say this because we continue to delude ourselves that there’s no life after death. All the disciples of CHRIST but one was persecuted. All was willing to die because they saw with their own eyes, touched, felt and even used the power of the ALMIGHTY GOD as passed on to them. My brothers, its real! If you’re still in doubt, read: 1 JOHN chapter 1. So, for those “leaders” who are only interested in acquiring the things of this world, and who will sooner or later leave all behind; they should think again. Because vanity upon vanity, is all vanity…nothing more! Use your gift/blessing/talent to serve mankind. That’s what GOD expects us to do. HE sent each of us here for the purpose of serving HIM and everything HE created, especially mankind (His own image and likeness)…the only creature HE gave the power to dominate every other thing He created. So, we must continue think about our actions: Is it in line with HIS plan? This question MUST surely come; sooner or later.

  2. Matthew Akonobi July 24, 2015 at 12:07 pm -

    good reports and publicity for Nigeria and others

  3. felix arinzeh July 20, 2015 at 8:00 am -

    For GEJ to have decided not to probe past leaders before him means that they are incorruptible. If PMB also decides not probe GEJ tenure, it means that GEJ is also incorruptible. So you guys should stop telling PMB where to start his probe.GeJ had the opportunity and resources to probe past administrations but he refused to do so.

  4. Cliff July 19, 2015 at 6:35 pm -

    He can NOT arrest any Nigerian President from IBB to Jonathan. He can only arrest Ministers and Directors within the last administration. The Ministers and Directors before Jonathan administration are safe. That was the job Jonathan failed to do, to arrest corrupt individuals within his PDP party. Buhari can’t do it for him. I guess, it takes a change of Party in administration to arrest corrupt individual. That will be good for Nigeria, because when PDP gets back in power, they should arrested persived corrupt individuals in APC administration, and the country will be good for it.

    Nig-Ame, Wash-DC

    • Truth July 20, 2015 at 1:14 pm -

      The only sensible post here. I stopped reading comments here cos they are as trashy as what anyone could get.

  5. Eugene July 19, 2015 at 2:53 pm -

    “If he wants to do the overhaul corruption clean up, he must start with his PTF issue, IBB, Abacha case, Obasanjo and others found guilty as charged” – Umunnakwe
    I agree with the above and I hope the so called Kitchen Staff are not the real sinners against Nigeria and Nigerians, else this might mark this President’s down fall. Any list of corrupt Nigerian officials that does not conspicuously mention the names of people like IBB and OBJ particularly should be re-done period.

  6. Adamu July 19, 2015 at 9:40 am -

    Buhari should first return the monies that disappeared during his days as Minister in the Petroleum Ministry. He should tell Nigerians the truth why he sacked Shagari Administration and stop this nonsense. We have gone past this illiterate show of dictatorial ruler. Nigeria must move forward, please stop masquerading failure with arrest.

  7. Sir Ugo G.C.Umunnakwe July 19, 2015 at 3:44 am -

    Buhari will not engage in window dress arrest based on biased mindset witch hunt of his opponents. If he wants to do the overhaul corruption clean up, he must start with his PTF issue, IBB, Abacha case, Obasanjo and others found guilty as charged with facts not based on core hatred as he use to play his vicious biased mindset card. Also the issue of Buhari guilty of human right abuse should not be swept under the carpet too. His 2011 vicious utterances that spurred boko haram indiscriminate attack should also be check mate as well. No stone should be left un turn.

  8. Solomon July 19, 2015 at 2:18 am -

    History will be harsh on PMB if fails to live out his Mr integrity credo. Not doing so means he’s compromised on the side of the few leaders turned goons. And that won’t augur well for the already castrate country. Doing what he’s being widely reported to intent on doing, i.e. siding with the law infavour of the overwhelming majority that voted for change : contract he’s privy to and by 29 May 2015 duely committed his good self to uphold without fear or favour. The man and his kitchen, even if means that is where important directives of state policy should emanate from -should go ahead.
    The disgusting prescription that ex-rulers rulers are not answerable to or accountable for illegitimate acts while in office was post Buhar-ian but now that providence has made his return possible, he should as a matter of urgency demolish that stupid creature questionable / rogue -ish origin. It only served the unwholesome purpose of alienating this country from serious and regular international partnerships that create solid and thriving economic.
    Most of the fabled foreign investments in this country are mere phantoms, pure sophistry of otherwise timid dimensions whose ochestrators are come to an end -with the emergence of PMB.
    They sold us to colluding countries who nevertheless would under no circumstances imagine such things against their own people.
    We know World Bank projects that have never brought any values to justify the debt servicing obligation moving from Nigeria to it. Did Okonjo-Iweala ever for once, even the heck of it act as if she was bothered that the country was reeling under the weights of bogus debts that hardly worth the papers upon which those malevolent contracts are etched.
    GOD Himself has given PMB the latitude and the will, by the grace of God keep faith : To shame of those shameless, godless crooks who have betrayed this nation. And have wickedly manipulated the the good people of Nigeria with religious bogey: vampires they are. Who told they’re either Christians or Moslems. They hate Bible and the Koran o. Their corrupt bellies is their god and money their master.
    Truth is that, if PMB allows them,they have enough resources to mess up the regime, derail every body and every in favor of their skewed ways. Please, forbid them. And the only way is by descending on their stash of cash.Take the money back to the true owners. The stolen monies are for the only viable imminent source of funding for those laudable “change” program