U.S. expresses concern over missing Gambian radio journalist


The U.S. Government on Wednesday expressed concern over missing Gambian radio journalist Alagie Ceesay.
“The U.S. remains deeply concerned about the whereabouts of Gambian radio journalist Alagie Ceesay.
“Ceesay disappeared on July 17, days after being released from a two-week long period of arbitrary detention, during which he was reportedly tortured.
“We urge the Government of Gambia to promptly locate Mr. Ceesay, return him to his family and loved ones, and investigate the circumstances of his previous abduction and detention.
“Gambia should hold accountable any individuals found to be responsible for violating Mr. Ceesay’s rights,’’ the U.S. Government said in a statement.
The U.S. expressed its support for freedom of expression and the rule of law.

“It takes very seriously other reports of abusive conduct by Gambian security forces.’’
The statement pointed out that the U.S. noted Gambian President Yahya Jammeh’s decision to pardon and release no fewer than 200 prisoners.
It also welcomed, in particular, Jammeh’s decision to release, after a lengthy period of detention without charge, family members of the 30 December 2014 coup plotters.
“We call on The Gambia to respect its human rights obligations and to release all other prisoners currently being held without charge for longer than the 72-hour period established by the Constitution,’’ the statement added.

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