Turkish foreign minister accuses Pope of discrimination

Turkish Foreign Ministry on Tuesday said the Pope has chosen one side’s pain over the other by ignoring the pain of Turkish and Muslim people who lost their lives during World War l.

The Foreign Ministry made this known is an official statement.

There has been a new turn of events in the diplomatic crisis between the Holy See and Turkey over the massacre of Armenians in 1915 to 1917, which Pope Francis defined a “genocide.’’

From Mongolia, Prime Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu attacked the Pope’s position as contradictory and discriminating because the expression “genocide” is a specific legal concept.

The statement said Ankara has always claimed that the massacre of Armenians under the Ottoman Empire resulted from a conflict in which many Muslims also died.

However, the Turkish Embassy to the Holy See defined Pope Francis’s words as “an unacceptable political manipulation.’’

Meanwhile, the Pope has not reconsidered his statements but recalled that the path of the Church is also that of frankness, adding that there is no alternative to speaking out bothersome truths.

Italian Foreign Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, said that Ankara’s reactions to the Pope’s words appeared to be out of proportion.

“The harsh tones used by Turkey do not seem to be justified, considering that roughly 15 years ago, Pope John Paul II expressed the same judgment,’’ Gentiloni said during his visit to Barcelona, Spain.

He added that Italy has often expressed its solidarity and closeness to the Armenian people and government for the violence and the suffering inflicted upon them 100 years ago.

“As for the legal recognition of the genocide, we have always invited the two countries, Turkey and Armenia, both of which are friends of Italy to dialogue.

“This is in order to avoid that these situations hinder a more relaxed situation,’’ he said.

Reports say the issue is extremely delicate, especially in light of the international commemoration of the centennial of the genocide on April 24, which has already sparked controversies between Turkey and Armenia

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