Abia 2015 Governorship: Never Again… – By Enyinnaya Appolos

God in heaven and our ancestors will bear us witness . Those who have conspired that what is rightfully ours will be deceitfully taken away from us, will form the spectators that will watch us on our day of celebration. Yes they will. It is not by our power, but God will surely do it.
For those of you who think that Ngwa people are saleouts who will perpatually remain slave to others, including those we harbour in our communities, you must have seen that such view is not only erroneous, but also untrue.
The Ukwa/Ngwa people have demonstrated their unity and collective resolve to fight for their political and economic interest and survival in Abia, Nigeria and the world when we voted overwhelmingly for one of our own, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu as the next governor of Abia State on the 11th of April. That sacred mandate of ours can never be taken away by our conspirators. Now we know better and we have also seen the signs. Thank God for his interventions.
We have resolved and decided that never again will any person or group of persons take us for a ride, or make any attempt to deny us anything that is rightfully ours, just as we will not ask for anything that is not ours.
Nobody, I mean nobody, not even the compromised solders, and other security agencies in Abia and Nigeria, Professor Celina Oko, Professor Benjamin Ozumba, Alex Otti, Orji Uzi Kalu, fake Arochukwu girl called Sheila Williams who claimed to be an international observer and their co-conspirators in Abia and outside Abia will deter us.
We shall come out in our numbers again to demonstrate our resolve on the 25th as we will vote and defend our mandate which we have given Dr Okezie Ikpeazu to hold in trust for us and the rest Abians as the next governor of Abia State. We have a date with destiny on Saturday April 25, when INEC will conduct the supplementary elections in the affected wards and polling units in Ohafia, Ikwuano, Umuahia North, Umuahia South, Isialangwa south, Osisioma, Ugwunagbo, Aba North and Aba South…
God and the gods of our land, know and they will continue bear us witness that we supported our brothers from the other divide of Abia to become governors at their times…it was the massive votes from Ngwaland that helped Orji Kalu to be governor, same with Governor T.A Orji.
For Gov. Orji, when the names of hero of Ngwa people will be listed, he his name will be there, and we will continue to assure him that he will never regret his insistence that power must shift to Abia South…Ndi Ngwa will continue to stand by him you, like we did when our brothers and sisters in Isialangwa north and south and Osisioma voted overwhelmingly for you to represent Abia Central in the Senate.
God in heaven and our ancestors will be our witness that we have never treated our brothers and sisters who now occupy Aba badly. Our fathers gave them lands free to live. We allow them to live and do their business and make progress in Aba, but they have conspired to undue and work against our collective interest as a people when we expected them to recompense our good gestures to them.
All we are saying is; support us let us have one of our own as governor of Abia State. Okezie Ikpeazu as governor will fix Aba and make it more conducive for our brothers to continue to do their business and make more money for themselves in Aba.
You can’t kill and mess up Aba and still denial us the opportunity to rebuild it. That we can’t take from you. We will do everything within the ambit of the laws of the land to resist you and insist on having Okezie Ikpeazu as governor of Abia State.
We have also resolved to fight because we know that the struggle for liberation and freedom is always a long work that is full of denial, conspiracy and treachery, but we have God on our side. This struggle will surely end in praise. Together we can…Okezie Ikpeazu is our next governor…
For the records, this the result of the governorship election released by INEC in Abia after the April 11 election.
From the result entered into INEC form EC8D, which is summary of results from the 17 local government areas of Abia State, collated at the state level, declared and duly signed by Professor Benjamin Ozumba, and all the accredited agents of political parties in the state collation center in umuahia, including Chief Ahamdi Nweke, of APGA, and Dr. Solomon Ogunji of the PDP, shows as followings:
No. Of registered voters: 1,217,632
No. Of accredited voters: 470,900
Total valid votes: 430,561
Rejected votes: 8,893
Total votes cast: 439,454
Total number of Votes received by political parties:
ACPN = 206 votes
APC = 10,065 votes
APGA = 165,406 votes
CPP= 334 votes
ID = 72 votes
KOWA = 91 votes
LP = 756 votes
NCP = 295 votes
PDC = 320 votes
PDP =  248 ,459 votes
PPA = 4,331 votes
UDP = 139 votes
UPP = 287 votes
The Margin of winning by the PDP = 83,053 votes
Total number of registered votes in election not held/cancelled is 179,224
Note that Ikpeazu made 25% of the votes cast in the 2/3 of the local government areas in the state, and scored majority number of votes cast, and by the provision of the constitution he is already a winner.

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