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The Nkwerre Aborigines Town Development Union NAU has removed the 4th Eshi of Nkwerre His Royal Highness, Eze Chijioke Okwara on alleged misconduct in the traditional stool of the area in accordance to section 16, subsection 12 (a,b,c) of the constitution of the Union.
      The Union which comprises the entire thirty one village that make up Nkwerre Local Government Area in Imo State with the Central Executive Committee held a meeting on August 2, 2014 at the Civil Hall in the Nkwerre Ancient Town to review some of the activities of the traditional ruler.
      According to the President General of Union, Engr. Sammy Akano, the meeting was purposely called in order to review some abnormalities going on in the land and sensitize the entire villages on some attitude of the Eshi of Nkwerre, HRH, Eze Chijioke Jakes Okwara which may affect their peaceful co-existence.
      Engr. Akano stated that for several occasions it had been discovered that since the Eshi of Nkwerre, Eze Okwara assumed the leadership of the community Government Council, his attitude had drastically changed to the detriment of the united family they use to be in the past decade.
      He narrated that the monarch of Nkwerre picked quarrel with the executives of the Union when they saw the need to incorporate the union under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in order to give the union a stronger base of operation as a body.
      The President General of the union further said that they had to register the union because of the contingency for the union to operate and access her fund that is allegedly hanging around with the Eshi for quite sometime without rendering proper account.
      Also that since the union decided to legally document their activity the Eshi through the CGC have used all method to frustrate the actualization of the body registration by attempted victimization of the President General and the Secretary General of the Union through the Imo State Police Command which he have severally wanted to arrest and detain them.
      Engr. Akano bemoaned the constant abusive words of Eze Okwara, saying that they are touts and never do well executive officer who have no meaningful focus that will engender development, in the locality. Speaking also that the meeting the secretary General of Nkwerre Aborigines Union, Chief Nwadike Syvester stated that the Eshi of Nkwerre arrested in his resident at Umuna Orlu where he was publicly disgraced.
      Chief Nwadike narrated that in several occasions he has received threats of life and also has been stop at a gun point of which his Toyota Camry Car was snatched.
      He informed the Union that on such occasion the union documents are inside the car which he has not recovered uptill date.
      The union scribe added that due to the persistent threats of life, his family members and other extend relations have called on him to resign from the office but he is still giving it a thought. At the same vein the lawyer handling the issue of the union, Barrister Chairman Chris Obilor has called on the union speed up action to save the face of the union now that the Eshi is attempting to drag it to the ……..
      Barrister Obilor said that the registration of the union is cordial and legally important to strengthened the reasons behind their forefathers plant to make them a united front.
      He wondered why the attitude of the Eshi changed when there is need for them to be legally backed up and gain ground for development facilities that will come through this registration.
The renowned lawyer urged the people to unite in order not to allow a single man to rob them their unity, thereby move a motion for the dethronement of the Eshi of Nkwerre.
Responding to this effect, the oldest man in Nkwerre, Nze Asigha told the people that since his life he has remained a law abiding citizen and also does not allow evil in his locality but he was surprise that his name was included for arrest by the Eshi of Nkwerre.
Nze Asigha said that Eze Okwara name was included in the registration as the Grand Patron of the Union, that he wondered why the Eshi has decided to misconduct himself in the stool.
He added that for the past twenty years there have been no meaningful development in the clan as a result of the deceive manner the Eze has been conducting the affairs of the land.
The Nkwerre oldest man stated that they are fried of the misconduct of Eshi therefore supported the move to remove the Eshi.
In the words of other branches, President General in the meeting which includes the Enugu State Chapter, Chief Wilson Obi that the Eshi conduct is a shameful one that deserved a sack in accordance to their constitution.

7 Comments to: Nkwerre Town Dethrones Eshi, Eze Chijioke Okwara

  1. asugha kelechukwu

    August 19th, 2014

    Lord have mercy and save Nkwerre,well from all the postulation,i don’t see nothing wrong in trying to register the Union with Corporate Affairs,also Nze Asugha reiterated the fact that the Eshi is i believe the grand patron in the whole process,also i want to believe that an organization is guided by it’s constitution and Bye laws,So what actually is the Problem,if There is dispute over who is the President General,Then let the Indigenes look at what constitutes actaully the office of the President General and see who actually is the duely elected representative,but you all must note that thereis just one Nkwerre Opiaegbe imenyi i know and that includes all of you,and if you all have to take a divided stand,how then are we to stand firm against opposition,i will always remain true to you all,now is the time for us to resolve this thing once and for all,Pls Eshi learn from your predecessor how he was able to hold down the whole of Nkwerre as United whole,i wonder how you where able to do it Eze Obinali Ugochukwu n others before you,be Wise your excellency,For this same one and only Aborigene Union is responsible for your ascendancy and have the power to unseat you,Beware

  2. Aboki Nkwerre

    August 17th, 2014



    This is to let you know that this morning at exactly 05:18 hours, Mazi Samuel Ikechukwu acknowledged and confirmed that he received my mail of yesterday, 16 August 2014 addressing his atrocities in Nkwerre.

    He did that by re-forwarding that same mail back to me. That is good to know and I am happy. Please scroll down and see Mazi Akano’s forwarded email to me.

    But, Mr. Samuel Ikechukwu Akano has no right or what the Attorneys call Locus Stand i to post in any NAU-USA forum because he is not a member of any NAU-USA branch. Unless what we are hearing is true, that he is on a recruitment drive.

    May I ask, recruitment for what? We are watching.

    Now you cannot say that you have not read and felt my resentment for your destructive actions in Nkwerre, your disrespect for Nkwerre tradition combined with a sworn pact with the Satan to destroy what we know today as a United Nkwerre will not be allowed to materialize. Is there any ugly agenda we need to know? My ancestors who put Nkwerre together that you are now struggling to destroy would never forgive you, they too resent your actions, and my children would grow to despise you, no matter what happens from here on.

    Mr. Samuel Akano came to the United States in May, 2011 and destroyed NAU-USA, an organization that Umu Nkwerre in America were proud of, cherished, and clearly loved it dearly as the Nkwerre Christmas that we knew. We enjoyed it for many years until Samuel Akanu set his feet in America. He came here and took all of that away in his drive to destroy Nkwerre.

    But, the good thing is that we are rebuilding under a strong leadership.

    He then proceeded to Canada with a similar agenda of destruction, but God of Nkwerre did not allow him, He was able to stop you Akano before he did to Canada what he did in America. The problem with Mazi Akanu is not knowing when to stop, when to determine that enough means enough.

    Today, he is still stubborn in his quest to destroy what is left of my home town. Mazi, any red blooded Nkwerre son fully breast fed by his mother would not be doing what you are doing in Nkwerre today. Sit back and reevaluate your actions.

    Those financing your ugly evil atrocities with deep pockets, aiding and abetting the me-hem you brought in Nkwerre should remember, just remember there is a limit to everything in life. There are certain things that money cannot buy either, one of them is called a patriotic-sacrifice which benefits all in the end.

    If you don’t remember everything, just remember that you are the one who taught Anam Aza Eze Nonu the other meaning of patriotic patience and SACRIFICE.

    No matter how it turns out, Nkwerre history will never be kind with SAMUEL IKECHUKWU AKANO, IJN.

    Nkwerre say Amen!


    Officer Eric Ejikeme O’Suoji
    Anam Aza Eze Nonu
    Aboki Nkwerre, Maduabuchi-Ejikeme

    Obediently Serving and Protecting the Best Interest of the United States, My Family, Nkwerre, Semper Fidelis and ALL. Maternal Love wu Ikwu that I found in Umere Nnem Na Obinocha

    From Mazi Akano

    From: Sammy Akano
    To: Anam Aza Eze Nonu ; “ogbakonkwerreusa@yahoogroups.com”
    Sent: Sunday, August 17, 2014 6:53 AM
    Subject: Re: Fwd: [NAU-USAinc] Fw: ONE EZE, AND ONLY ONE ESHI OF NKWERRE [1 Attachment]

    Sent from Samsung Mobile

    ——– Original message ——–
    From: Anam Aza Eze Nonu
    Date:17/08/2014 05:18 (GMT+01:00)
    To: “Mr. Sam Akano” ,ogbakonkwerreusa@yahoogroups.com
    Subject: Fwd: [NAU-USAinc] Fw: ONE EZE, AND ONLY ONE ESHI OF NKWERRE [1 Attachment]

    ——– Original message ——–
    From: “Anam Aza Eze Nonu eosuoji@yahoo.com [NAU-USAinc]”
    Date: 08/16/2014 10:24 PM (GMT-06:00)
    To: Nkwerre USA Union ,Nkwerre Nkwerre
    Subject: [NAU-USAinc] Fw: ONE EZE, AND ONLY ONE ESHI OF NKWERRE [1 Attachment]


    Ndu Igbo su, “Igbo Enwe Eze.”

    Nkwerre nwere a solid Eze, and he is;

    HRH, Eze, Dr. Chijioke Okwara, Eshi of Nkwerre.

    The problem is not that Nkwerre do not have Eze (King). The problem is the fact that Eze Nkwerre is so good, intellectually brilliant, and very solidly grounded in native sense and western civilization, Eze, Dr. Chijioke Okwara knows the heart beat of his subjects and mean well for Nkwerre. Tell me who in a sensible mind that would not appreciate him.

    Based on the above, certain meaningless individual(s) in Nkwerre who want to be Eze by any means possible, at the same time that Eze Nkwerre is well and alive. These half educated folks want to be recognized as Eze, they have gone above and beyond conventional cultural protocols to rubbish and take Nkwerre down in order to achieve that goal. These messengers of evil keep forgetting what is wrong with their selfish and dangerous ambition or agenda. No wonder each turn they take, a failure awaits them.

    There is NO place on earth where you have two(2) Ezes in one kingdom. Hooo! Haaa!

    Here are their options;

    #1. Either they wait in line

    #2. Or they are preparing to destroy Nkwerre for their selfish ambition because that is the only way they can attain Eze in Nkwerre.


    Since the above is a well established and generally accepted fact, which if properly put into a reasonable perspective, would end with a reasonable conclusion known by all red blooded Nkwerre sons and daughters when we say, Eshi! Eshi! Eshi!

    Ya mere m’ji na Aza Eze kem Nonu without a title. When you think about it, everyone is a king in his own castle, but a Royal Traditional Eze is totally a different dimension that MUST BE RESPECTED BECAUSE IT IS OUR TRADITION.



    If Civil Right icons like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and many others paid the ultimate prize trying to free blacks and bring freedom that I enjoy today as a black man in America, then who are my or who is Anam Aza Eze Nonu to stay alive and watch Nkwerre get destroyed by one individual and his drum beaters? I refused to put my conscience on any un-affordable mortgage plan called soft landing to sit and watch Mazi Akano’s destructive agenda for Nkwerre.

    The thing Mazi Akano taught Anam Aza Eze Nonu is called SACRIFICE.

    Please note that this mail is also being sent to Mazi Samuel Ikechukwu Akano, the man who wants to be the president general of Nkwerre town by force or by any means possible, even if it means to destroy Nkwerre. Unfortunately there are deep pockets behind his mehem in Nkwerre.

    Too bad for them as Nkwerre delt them another technical blow by electing Nze Engr. Allen Oparaocha as the PG, and will remain NAU President General (PG) until Nkwerre decides otherwise.

    It is what it is, nothing you can do to change that….

    And my name remains Anam Aza Eze Nonu, Aboki Nkwerre, Here to serve and protect what belongs to me before it becomes another man’s property.

  3. danny paul

    August 14th, 2014

    This is arrant nonsense by Engr. Sam Akano and his cohorts. A deposed impostor PG, has veered into uncharted territory of messing up with the traditional tool. “Owu Aruu” Why is he making a caricature of Nkwerre without a locus standi? The last time l checked, l heard Akano was no longer the PG of NAU, but Nze Okporocha.

    What is his team angling to register NAU in the Corporate Affairs for now, after how many years in existence and bonafidely recognized by the Government? Please stop creating unnecessary tension in the community.

    “Agba mbu okuo na Ogwe, Agba abuo okuo na Ogwe, owu nanu Ogwe ka emere Aku”? Akano zaa ya?


  4. Emeka onuoha

    August 14th, 2014

    Yes i am interested

  5. Officer Eric Ejikeme O'Suoji

    August 13th, 2014

    This publication is bogus, a fraud in the highest order orchestrated by the man who wants to be Emperor for life in Nkwerre, Mazi Samuel Akano.

    This is a man who goes around parading as Nkwerre President General that he is not. An impersonation of office which carries jail time in the United States.

    Now, tell the rest of the world that Mazi Akano came to the United States when he was the “Acting President General of NAU and took $1, 300.00 as annual dues from USA Branch and never accounted for that money up till this moment. Neither did the money make it to the rightful destination, Nkwerre.

    Same Mazi Akano collected #300, 000.00 per village of Nkwerre he claimed was for creating additional villages. Please adk him what happened to that money he raised off of the shoulders of old men and women in the town. Where on earth do you have to pay before the creation of more villages. Ask Mazi Akano what happened to the money he collected.

    The above instances can tell you why corruption is endemic in Nigeria.

    No community would progress with any individual like this midget man with his Nopoleonic syndrome out to tarnish the reputation of HRH, Eze Dr. Chijioke Okwara, Eshi of Nkwerre.

    Eshi! Eshi! Eshi! Iga Ebiooo!

  6. Passionately Nigerian

    August 13th, 2014

    What sort or report/news is this?

    • Officer Eric Ejikeme O'Suoji

      August 14th, 2014

      “Your email address will not be published”

      The above is not an honest statement. Please remove my email address from this publication. Thank you.