Governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Afamefuna Orji

Governor of Abia State, Chief Theodore Afamefuna Orji

As the date draws near to the party primaries for the 2015 gubernatorial election, Leader of Ukwa/ Ngwa ethnic nationality of Abia state, Dr. Emmanuel Adaelu has disclosed reasons why the Ukwa/ Ngwa people have not presented a consensus candidate but are waiting on Gov. Theodore Orji to name one from Abia South senatorial zone of the state.


Adaelu who stated this in a chat with newsmen in Aba, posited that the Ukwa/ Ngwa people have never been careful about their age long agitation to produce an Abia governor than they have done in the race to the 2015 governorship election.


“We are waiting on Gov. Theodore Orji to anoint a candidate from Abia South. We are calling on Gov. Theodore Orji to name who his successor is from Abia South. If the governor names his successor, it will simplify our struggle, we will back such aspirant. This is because if the governor anoints a candidate, it is going to be a herculean task for you to sit somewhere and oppose it. How do you oppose it? The governor is the head of the party; he is going to be there at the party primaries. It will be like hitting against the stone to oppose the governor’s decision at this stage. We did it in the past and have learnt our lesson. I assure you we will queue behind his decision.


Adaelu who is the Chairman, Board of Trustees of Nzuko Ohanaeze Ndi Ngwa, a group advocating for an Abia governor from Ukwa/ Ngwa extraction, dismissed reports that a candidate will be imposed on the party from the top.


“I have continued to wonder how somebody from Abuja will impose a candidate that neither the governor nor the party accepts. It will be difficult; I don’t expect the anointment of a candidate from even President Goodluck Jonathan himself. The party at all levels will work with the governor to get a candidate for the party. This is only time we have come so close; we will give our unalloyed  support and cooperation to the governor and party to keep their promise of producing an Abia governor from  Abia south origin. Our people are prepared to back whoever the governor and the party anoints. ”

On whether the Ukwa/ Ngwa bloc may finally choose a consensus candidate if the governor fails to do so, Adaelu said, “All the aspirants gunning for the governorship position are qualified to rule, I have no power to disqualify anybody. The decision to choose a candidate remains that of the party in collaboration with the governor.”


He called on the governorship aspirants who were not favoured by the zoning policy of the party and others who may not be lucky to be chosen to keep calm and support anyone who emerges candidate of the party.


“They should not create crisis because this is not the first time when something like that has been done. Let them remember that the interest of the Ukwa/ Ngwa is more paramount than their personal interests. Even Gov. Theodore Orji was a product of zoning. Our people must keep calm because there are money bags coming from the other part of the state.  We don’t want to give them a chance to cause division among Ukwa/ Ngwa people.”