Gov Elechi
Going by the current wave of sack in Governor Martin Elechi’s cabinet,
one is compelled to ask, which Commissioner, Special Adviser, or
Personal Assistant is next on the line? I think the Governor’s
decision to keep sacking his Commissioners could be a welcome
development since he is afraid to reshuffle his cabinet despite
compelling reasons for him to do so.
Regrettable, not all the Commissioners understood their mandate, let
alone being consistent with the mandate of their offices; SAs and PAs
It is disheartening and indeed a show of hatred and sheer
ungratefulness that a two time Commissioner for Works, Dr. Paul Okorie
who had served Ebonyi state government for so many years without much
mundane things to show for it could be sacked by our amiable Governor
purportedly elected on the platform of peace.
If Governor Elechi’s number one Commissioner who had saved over a
billion naira in the course of discharging his duties could be sacked
with a single wave of directive, apparently no appointee of the
present administration has any reason to complain if he/she is removed
from office after a gala night at the Government House lodge,
According to investigation, the Commissioner was sacked because of his
growing popularity in the State, creditable performance, general
acceptability by over 99.9 percent of the entire people of the State
as well as concerns by some cabals that if he ventures into the 2015
gubernatorial context no candidate from the three senatorial zones of
the State would be able to match him.
These birds of strange fellows failed to understand that what this
state needs in 2015 is a leader with a difference, calling and mandate
for restoration in every sector of the economy.
It is also believed in some quarters that if you Dr. Okorie side by
side with the Governor’s anointed candidate purportedly an Izzi man,
Engr. Paul Okorie would defeat the person hands down before the
Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC would even contemplate
to declare the results of the polls.
At this point, who which Commissioner in Chief Elechi’s cabinet is
immune against sack or even retirement as everybody at any point in
time is waiting for a sack letter even before the commencement of the
weekly State Executive Council meeting.
For as much as I envy them, I also pity them on the other hand because
their fate is hanging on the pendulum with the inscription “2015: You
can be sacked any moment especially if you are a threat to the
Governor’s anointed candidate”.
It is worthy to commend the intellectual colossus that sat and coined
the phrase “Act not consistent with his mandate” as such expression is
an encapsulation of the hidden agenda of the state government. The
formulator of such phrase should recall the words of the late literary
giants that “A man who makes trouble for others is also making trouble
for himself”.
It is painful to state that most of them merely follow directives
without culling up any form of initiative would improve the mandate of
their offices.
Sad as it may, most of them would leave their various offices worse
than they met it as only countable numbers had impacted the state and
the people; in fact, most of them have decided to make use of common
sense let alone initiating any ideological ingenuity that would better
the state for fear that such initiative could lead to their abrupt
Someone said, the fear of Governor Martin Elechi and Suntai of Taraba
State is the beginning of keeping ones appointment; the sack of Engr.
Paul Okorie is a reflection of a government that doesn’t appreciation
the contribution of it indigenes but only that of foreigners.
No wonder the hypocritical celebration of the police officer from
Nasarawa state by the state government who they said ensured the
capture and killing of armed robbers; that action is a clear
demonstration that Ebonyi state lacked the culture of appreciating her
own as it only appreciates outsiders more that the sons of the soil.
This indeed a pity and a departure from their mandate which
presupposes that are they also needed to be sacked by the people.
Which Commissioner is next on the line? This is a very interesting
question as we look forward to what would unfold in the month of
September if the Governor doesn’t reshuffle or dissolve his cabinet.
National Issue Newspapers learnt that most of the Commissioners are
praying for reshufflement rather than outright sack; so help them God.
One might be tempted to say that there is no need giving your best to
any government, person or group of persons that would turn around and
pour on you the dirty water used in washing a bad baby.
Let me state that the fever of 2015 general election is really playing
out in Elechi’s cabinet and in the state in general as all efforts are
in place to ensure that the candidate of the Governor wins without any
opposition; the candidate our correspondent gathered is from Izzi as
they Deputy Governor is set to emerge from the south senatorial zone
of the state.
Who is next on the line to be sacked by Governor Martin Elechi for
being inconsistent with his or her mandate? That is the only grammar
this administration has been able to formulate after being in
existence for the past six years whenever it wishes to sack a member
of the EXCO. The Ministry of Environment most especially has missed a
Hero, an Administrator, an Intellectual colossus, a man of the people,
an epitome of good will and Rotary Club of Abakaliki Award winner.
As this write corrects certain anomalies in Governor Martin Elechi’s
administration, we are already aware that some stakeholders in
government would become jittery and no longer at ease because the
Centre cannot hold; apart from that also and according to Wole Soyinka
“Books and all forms of writing are terror to those who wish to
suppress the truth”.
Which Commissioner is next on the line to be sacked?