From Umar Akilu Majeri, Dutse

Lamido Told Nigerian to Shut up Their Mouth and Allowed Governors to Remain Focus
From Umar Akilu Majeri, Dutse

Governor Sule Lamido of Jigawa State has called on Nigerians to shut up and allow Nigerian Governors to remain focused in the discharge of their constitutional responsibilities.

Lamido who decried the attitude of blind criticisms of governors without genuine reasons said there is the need for the critics to be verifying and substantiating their facts before they spill out their venoms to the public.

Lamido who made the charge public when speaking to the House Committee on Education – lamented that people now have the leverage to attack their leaders because of the ignorance of who they are and what they represent.

He recalled in 1998 when the political atmosphere was charged in the country, only few of them summoned the courage to say “No” to the then military Junta headed by Late General Sani Abacha.

He said most of the parties that are now trying to unseat the PDP from power are nowhere to be found. And it is the PDP that had grown into an institution and fought for the rights that gave every Nigerian the freedom to air his or her views unperturbed.

He added also that when the polity was heated – himself and eight other politicians of like minds came together and formed a group known as G9 which ultimately led to the formation of the PDP.

He said since the PDP dominated the political landscape, Nigerians came to taste the yolk of uninterrupted democratic dividends.

The PDP is big and its members are also big therefore it must face a bigger headache when it comes to administering human beings.

Likewise, the recently formed party which is a small party called APC must also have to face small headache.

While commenting on his stewardship since he took over the mantle of leadership in 2007, said the State was suffering from what he called a System Collapse.

He said “everything was in shambles and poverty had dominated the land, the State was scored zero in virtually every aspect of human endeavors and was able to restore its lost glory”

Lamido told the visiting MPs how he met all the existing Schools in high rate of dilapidation and the turning around of of all of them to answer their name in the Scheme of things.

He said today some of them were given the status of Degree awarding institutes.

“We have established the Jigawa state University in Kafin Hausa which
is under construction.

He said the State had equally come to the rescue of Federal University Dutse by giving out Model Secondary School to serve as Permanent site, settling more than Four Hundred million to Land owners and Allocating about Fifty Units of our new houses in Abubakar Rimi Housing Estate to served as accommodation to them which we expect this esteemed Committee of the House to convince the Federal government to find ways
of paying us all our expenses expended to make FUD to stand on her

Lamido said the state had been in the front by way of sponsoring
Students abroad especially the Children of the less privilege.

Speaking earlier Chairman of the House of Representative Committee on
Education, Alhaji Aminu Suleman said they were at the Government House
to show solidarity to the governor as they visited the State for an
oversight function.

He said what they have seen in Dutse glaringly signifies development
anchored on good leadership style of the governor.

He said as a man of principles Lamido is known for his doggedness and
fight for the cause of the common men.

“I believe what you have done to this State would left and indelible
mark and your name ll’ be written in Gold”

He thanked the governor for the warm reception and pray for God guidance.