Ojukwu’s Will: It’s a fake document –Emeka (Jnr)

The controversy trailing the Will of late Biafran leader, Odumegwu  Ojukwu continued yesterday with Emeka Jnr who was read as the first son  describing the document as fake. He dismissed the Will presented by Barr Emeka Onyemelukwe, contesting that he is a private counsel to  Ambassador Bianca Ojukwu and not that of late Emeka Ojukwu.
Speaking at his country home in Nnewi, Anambra State, Ojukwu jnr  argued that he has a copy of the original Will written by his father and not what he called the fraud presented as a Will. His words: “There  have been rumours up to yesterday that there is an attempt to read the  will and that they intend to make changes in the original will. Well, I  have not seen the will that they read.
“Now, there are issues that come to mind, why were they no members of Ojukwu family when the Will was read? They were not invited and they  were not told. “She was here last Sunday when we removed the mourning  cloth and since she knows that the Will would be read, she would have  invited us or even put us on notice. “
Now, the lawyer that is supposedly doing all this things is not our  father’s lawyer, Mr Onyemelukwe is not a lawyer that is known to the  family as Ezeigbo’s lawyer.
Remember when Ezeigbo was sick, the same  Lawyer went to the press to claim that Ezeigbo is getting better and  that he is now on exercise and would soon come home while he was lying.
It is still the same lawyer that claimed to have custody of the will. And I told everybody that it was not true and that since my father was  flown to England, he never lifted an arm or spoke a word until his death finally”.
Source: Sun

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