Amidst the unfolding security challenges in the northern state of Nigeria, Kano State, the governing body appears unraveling from a peculiar challenge staged within the Kano state government house. Information available to through a source close to the government house in Kano indicates that the cabinet members of the governor of Kano State might be flirting with the notion of a mass exodus from the government.

Presently, the Kano State Governor and his cabinet members are seated behind a closed door meeting over a threat by the Secretary to the State Government [SSG] of resigning today following a shouting match between him and the governor.

The governor, as was gathered, in what appeared a ‘substance’ induced rage had walked into the office of the SSG unleashing tantrums at the SSG – raining abuses and threats of physically manhandling him.

In response, the SSG privately told the governor that he has had enough – that he is resigning – and would expose all the dirty secrets of the Kwankwaso administration.

The Cause: The governor was said to have been angered by a letter of query written to the Emir of Kano. The letter was dispatched by the SSG to the Emirate Council requesting from it a breakdown of the monies paid to it for a period covering eight years [8years] and a breakdown of how it was spent. The letter was dispatched under the instruction from the governor. And as the Emirate Council got the letter, they telephoned the governor to acknowledge and thank him for the query letter.

Our source indicated that the governor was not comfortable receiving the telephone call from the Emirate Council. He quickly denied knowledge of the query letter. And in a heated rage, the governor matched towards the SSG’s office and a tongue lashing ensued. It quickly dwindled to a shouting match with other cabinet level members chiming into the matter.

With the shouting match, the SSG was quoted to have bluntly told the governor that he was resigning effective immediately. Within minutes of the SSG’s resignation threat, the governor called an emergency meeting. The meeting, according to our source, was to dampen the anger of the SSG and to avert the embarrassment of another high profile resignation from his cabinet.

Already, the chief security adviser to the governor, a retired security agent by the name, Yankassai, became one of the recent cabinet level members to bite the dust – as he submitted his abrupt resignation [during the Holy Pilgrimage period]. His resignation came as a result of his protest to the governor of the excess and questionable deductions from monies allocated for use in the security upkeep of the State. According to the former aide, the governor and some of his family associates had engaged in actions bordering on subverting the security of innocent citizens and indigenes of Kano State.

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