Ohanaeze warns Ndigbo to refrain from dangerous utterances


…says Igbo nation not at war with Nigeria

New President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Professor George Obiozor has warned Igbos and organisations to restrain forthwith actions or utterances that put Ndigbo in present and imminent danger or harm’s way.

Obiozor, who spoke Wednesday during a World Press Conference at Ohanaeze National Secretariat Enugu, said that Igbo nation is not at war with Nigeria and has nothing pending before any authority that demands a separate entity for the Ndigbo.

The conference tagged: ‘Ohanaeze Ndigbo: The Dawn of a New Era’, the new president general of the Igbo apex socio-cultural organisation, appealed to the Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu to toe the part of honour and listen to the voice of wisdom and drop his agitation for separate state. 

He said, “The Igbo nation is not at war with Nigeria and has nothing pending before any authority that demands a separate existence from Nigeria. 

“Nnamdi Kanu is one of us and he must listen to some of us for several reasons. The fact and reality are that the issues of Biafra are above and beyond his capacity to decide. 

“He must listen because he is one of us and we are all in this dilemma together. And our mutual and collective responsibilities are sacred and must be respected.”

While dispelled insinuations that he was going to champion anti-Igbo interest, reminded Ndigbo that what Chukwuemeka Ojukwu meant by the bones shall rise didn’t mean conflict, violence and war. “Definitely the bones have arisen re-incarnated or resurrected but in Ojukwu’s idea the mission is creative and constructive. Ndigbo are builders and not nation wreckers/destroyers.”

The former Nigeria’s Ambassador to United States of America, declared that it is a new dawn in Ohanaeze, saying “it is time for reality.”

According to him, “The game is over for pretenders, imposters. We must be assertive, free and positive.  
Igbos don’t want beggerly leadership. Enough of the nonsense. The dilemma has finally come to an end and we must make delegate, pragmatic and even solution. Careful, skilled manager of Igbos, within themselves.”

He said that Ohanaeze Ndigbo under his leadership has the capacity to build enough consensus among the Igbos to engage Nigerians. “I have ideas of our pains and grief.”

“My executives are the best brains. I am ready to serve Ndigbo and my team will not disappoint.”

He pointed out that the greatest problem of Ndigbo in Nigeria is insecurity, promising that his team would ensure that security of Igbos were guaranteed. “Our greatest problem and priority is our security. Insecurity is the worst affliction of man. Without it, the there is no peace.

“The security of Ndigbo is the priority of our team. We must find a way of dealing with this challenge even beyond Nigeria.

“We are the most highly exposed group of people in the country and that is because we are usually successful in whatever we do as a people.

“We must learn how to be careful. Beyond individual precaution, we could control our insecurity with knowledgeable leadership and that is not a child’s play.” 

He appealed to Ndigbo not to emphasis on what divide but should focus on what units us as a people.

“My dream type of leadership is leadership/manager model using the most and available efficient persons and instruments to achieve Igbo collectively defined objectives.” 



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