ENDSARS: How Igwe Ndigbo Narrowly Escaped Death In Kano


The ongoing fracas in Nigeria may have shifted from the ENDSARS agitation to an ethno- religious agitation. This is as information available 247ureports.com revealed the traditional leader of Igbo’s in the northern State of Kano narrowly escaped death by the whiskers as anti-ENDSARS protesters in Kano descended on the non-Kano indigenes residents with violence resulting in destruction of properties and loss of lives.

On Tuesday October 20, 2020, an angry mob from selected parts of Kano metropolis assembled and headed to a community outside Sabon Gari. The community named Sarikin Yaki – located between NoMansLand and Sabon Gari.

The angry mob consisting of young Muslims launched themselves at vehicles and properties believed to belong to non-Indigenes. During the mayhem which appeared impromptu caught the members of the community by surprise and off-guard.


The angry mob was quick to surround the home of the traditional ruler of Igbos in Kano, His Royal Highness, Boniface Ibekwe. The Igbo leader was trapped inside his home with his family – as the angry mob threatened to set the house ablaze if he does not come out of the house.

It took the cautious intervention of the Governor of Kano State – working in tandem with various community leaders to quell the unfolding situation. The angry youths who were armed with home-made weapons were dispersed and asked to allow peace reign.

With the exit of the angry youths, the traditional leader abandoned his home in Freetown and sought refuge at a Roman Catholic Church inside Sabon Gari.

In a related development, the indigenous communities in Kano had prepared for a bloody feast against the non-indigenous residents mainly resident in Sabon Gari – following news that northerners might have been killed and their properties destroyed in southern regions of the country. The day of attack was marked for Friday October 23, 2020 after Friday prayers.

On the said day, the angry youths were already assembled at the famous Ado Bayero Square – and had procured and shared 5000 knives and other home made weapons. This was moments before intelligence reports reached the State Governor, Ganduje who quickly acted to halt the impending blood feast.

Governor Ganduje was quick to reach out to the indigenous community leaders – both religious and traditional – to impress on them the need for peace and rancor-free cohabitation. The Governor’s effort saved the day.

But the non-indigenous community remains nervous but ready.   


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