A Forensic Analysis Of Kyari’s Tenure – By Emmanuel Ogebe


– Notable Concerns in late Chief of Staff’s official activities

Several complimentary commentaries have been shared with regard to the recently deceased Chief of Staff to the president, Abba Kyari. These included glowing tributes from a current minister who was singlehandedly appointed by Kyari, not by his state or APC or the president, but solely on the basis of their personal friendship. Other tributes are from schoolmates etc some of whom claim Kyari was merely “misunderstood.”

In law, such witnesses are called “character witnesses.” Character witnesses are usually called when a convicted person is seeking mercy from the court with regard to a lighter sentence. During this allocution stage, when a defendant may speak in his own behalf, others may be invited to speak on his behalf extolling his good sides so that justice is tempered with mercy. 

In law we also have “fact witnesses.” These are people who testify to actual happenings around the matter at issue. Unlike character witnesses, they do not speak on extraneous or historical issues but directly on the case at hand. Most times, they are eyewitnesses.

Having heard character witnesses of Kyari’s earlier days and deeds, let us now look at other witnesses whose stories we saw play out on the national stage during his very specific tenure as Chief of Staff which is the particular matter at issue right now.

1. Oyo Ita

Former Head of Service in an altercation with Kyari claimed that she warned them not to reinstate wanted pension scandal fugitive Abdulrasheed Maina. She was removed as HOS and criminal charges of fraud slammed on her.

2. Justice Walter Onnogen

Former CJN, confirmed by Acting President Osinbajo, who a ghost Tribunal mysteriously removed on trumped up charges to install a northern Muslim.

3. Matthew Seiyafa

Former Acting DG DSS appointed by Acting Prez Osinbajo served for just three weeks till the presidency sent him on early retirement so a northern Muslim could replace him.

4. Babatunde Fowler

Former head of FIRS and supposed acquaintance of VP Osinbajo unceremoniously booted, disgraced and replaced by a northerner.

5. Ibe Kachukwu

Former minister of state for petroleum dumped after exposing $25B oil deal discrepancy by a northerner Baru in NNPC.

6. Prof Isaac Adewole

Former minister of health stripped of funding for health services because he suspended the indicted Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme, Prof. Usman Yusuf a Muslim northerner. Kyari moved Health procurements to the ministry of Agriculture and Adewole was dumped as minister. Agric ministry reportedly supplied animal medication to the health ministry.

7. Omoyele Sowore

Once an ardent pro-Buharist, the Activist reporter was framed for treason, serially arrested and detained and injected with unknown substance by a northern lawyer despite court ordered bail. It took pressure from USA to secure his release months later.

8-9. Justices Sylvester Ngwuta and  John Okoro

Supreme Court judges, whose doors were broken at midnight and were arrested and detained by DSS just because they refused entreaties by the presidency to rule in favor of APC in election appeals.

10. Major General Life Ajemba

Rtd distinguished military doctor denied approval by Nigeria upon his nomination by USA to head a West African pandemic response isolation centers for Ebola/corona etc because the presidency preferred a northerner instead.


11. DSP Tijjani Bulama

Investigating police officer detained in DSS custody for months for daring to investigate a contract scam involving AbbaKyari. Also posted out of Abuja on punitive reassignment.

12. Bako Waziri Kyari

A cousin of Kyari detained by the DSS for months for reporting he was duped of 300m in a contract scam by Kyari. Kyari abused his office and used the DSS to get them both locked up.

13. Sambo Dasuki

Ex-NSA detained for five years despite numerous court orders on allegations of sharing weapons funds even though Buhari was a beneficiary of two vehicles from the same funds.

14. AVM Jon Ode

Headed military arms corruption probe panel and after finding links to senior Buhari aides was marked for elimination along with other members of the panel (some of whom have died or escaped death or in hiding.)

15. El Zakzaky

1000 of his followers were killed, his sect banned and branded “terrorists” and he and his wife detained for five years despite court ordered bail.

16. AVM Morgan & Gen. Aliyu

Chief and Deputy Chief of Defense Intelligence both removed from office for chairing a panel of investigation into US- based international human rights lawyer Emmanuel Ogebe and refusing to wrongfully indict him as directed and were subsequently retired from service. Replaced with a northern Muslim.


17. VP Osinbajo

The VP was marginalized for confirming Onnoghen as the first Southern Christian CJN in 30 yrs, for firing cabal chieftain Lawal Daura and appointing a Christian as acting DG DSS. Both appointments were reversed and replaced by northern Muslims.  VP was stripped of his aides and portfolio and his constitutional headship of the economic council undermined by the creation of a counterfeit council and a new ministry.

18. Prominent northern religious ruler

Reported that efforts were in the works to depose this top cleric but for the intervention of a foreign leader who had bankrolled the president’s past campaigns.

19. Aisha Buhari

President’s wife badly marginalized. Nicknamed “suicide bomber”, and a surrogate female SA was appointed to stand in for her on most occasions including traveling with president abroad. Aisha was infamously locked out of villa apartment, denied cash transfer funding for poor in her state and an attempt made to marry another wife for the president in the person of a current cabinet member.

20. Muhammed Dauda

Acting DG NIA was removed for allegedly refusing to share the recovered $40 million Osborne loot recovered from ex-DG Oke. He was replaced by Ahmed Rufai a deputy director reported to have failed promotion exams and retired from service but was now translator to Buhari. New DG NIA also northern Muslim of Chadian roots.

21. Governor Ortom

Benue state Chief executive was subjected to an attempted impeachment orchestrated from the presidency by the DSS because of his anti-grazing bill to stem herdsmen massacres of his statesmen.

22. Sanusi Lamido

Emir of Kano dethroned overnight and banished for criticizing forex corruption at CBN and retrogressive almajiri practice in the north. Kyari received the replacement Emir less than 24 hours after Sanusi’s removal in Abuja.

These are but a few examples of travesties that occurred during the tenure under examination due to limitation of time and space.

It is telling that the EU Nigeria Head of Delegation, Ambassador Ketil Karlsen, in a tribute, said: “He became a friend and was an inspiration with his passionate approach to the development of Nigeria in general and the north in particular.”

It is hard to see how we could have conceivably misunderstood all the horrors we experienced.

Whatever the case, suffice it to say therefore that Kyari was a good man who is only misunderstood because of the terrible things he did as Chief of Staff.

The above-mentioned scandals average about one scandal bimonthly throughout the entire term (i.e. 22 in 58 months) and these are not even all the scandals!

The wise would take a hint, at this juncture, to chart a new progressive and inclusive course right now since the alleged Wizard of Oz is no more.

For instance, Major General Buhari would rekindle hope in one Nigeria and reunite the nation if he appointed someone from the southeast or south south as Chief of Staff. There is simply no one from those regions in the top echelon of government.

More easily, Buhari should release VP Osinbajo from enforced lockdown. It has been the historic lot for Buhari to have been made to look good by able Yoruba adjutants. Tunde Idiagbon made him look good as military dictator. The fact is Osinbajo made him look good while Kyari made him bad.

The president’s wife, Aisha, who is liked for her forthrightness should also emerge from the oppressive alienation which the cabal foisted between her and her husband. Nigeria needs, nay requires, leaders who are competent to run their personal homes at the very least.

For all of us humans, we are enjoined thus, “live well so the pastor won’t have to lie at your funeral.”

A word is enough for the wise.

Condolences to Kyari’s family on his loss.


Emmanuel Ogebe





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