The New World War: Shutting Down The Planet Without A Single Shot Being Fired! – By Bello Mukhtar


“The world is a dangerous place. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”  – Einstein

China Has Won the Battle Against Corvid-19. The Rest Of The World Must Must Deal With This Mess In Their Own Different Ways. One Thing Is Clear Though, The World Is Still Unprepared For What Is About To Start. China Has Reopened  Normal Activities And May Not Be Willing To Share The Technology They Used To Solved The Outbreak With The Rest Of The World For The Simple Reason That The Trade War Just Took A Grim Turn Towards Absolute Evil Thereby Affecting Every Single Human Being On The Planet.

What People Need To Know Is, They Must Be Able To Distinguish The Craving For Pushing Fear Down Their Throats By International Media Houses And What They Must Do To Survive This Potential Dearth In Everything From Water To Toilet Tissues.  Although Media Houses Don’t Really Say How Dangerous It Is. The Very Souls Of People Have Been So Messed With Through Media Hype. Downplaying What Should Truly And Accurately Be Known To People While Reiterating That Which Is Not.

The World Must Come To Terms With The Fact That God Almighty, The Owner Of The Throne, Of What Is On The Earth, In The Universe And Beyond Has Been Forgotten By Humanity, Instead, People Worship Material Things With A Great Lust For All Sorts Of Crap. Well, Newsflash; God Has Also Left Humanity With That (Those) Materials Which They Worship In His Place. My Advise, Believe He Exists, Then Turn To Him Honestly, Regrettably And Earnestly And See If The Virus Does Not Defuse In A Matter Of Hours, If Not Minutes!

Fear, As We Know It, Is A Form Of Energy That Gets Released Into A Very Devilish Realm For What Reason I Don’t Know. What I know However, Is, The Earlier People Brace For The Unthinkable Or Turn To God, The Better For Them. May God  See Us Through. But This Corona Virus Business Will Make And Break A Host Of Companies, Communities And Individuals.



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