Jos And Dura-Du: Where The Solution Lies – By Bello Muhammad Sharada

Jos And Dura-Du: Where The Solution Lies - By Bello Muhammad Sharada

Jos And Dura-Du: Where The Solution Lies – By Bello Muhammad Sharada

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Jos And Dura-Du: Where The Solution Lies – By Bello Muhammad Sharada

The crisis in Plateau has been ongoing for long. It involves Muslims and Non-Muslims or ethnic indigenous Berom and culturally Hausa-Fulani so-called aliens.

Mass lives in hundreds if not in thousands were lost through circles of assaults, attacks, ambushes, rampages, riots, carnages, massacres and even genocides.

Human lives is no more sacred, hard earned treasures are no more precious but vestiges of dustbin.

As a Muslim, and from Kano and i love Nigeria, and always saluting our gallant military men, who despite some shortcomings are giving their best in defending the nation.

My friend Ahmad Abubakar  has posed a challenge to newmedia activists that they should make an issue out what is going in Plateau state, especially with the recent killing of General Alkali by unknown persons. I am more interested in finding solutions than noise-making.

I have been following the political, religious, ethnic and economic crises in and around Jos since 2001 and came to these conclusions: both groups ( i am referring to Muslims and Non-Muslims) are not interested in genuine reconciliation of their fundamental differences. 2. Both groups are carried away by their sentimental mindset and hoax conspiracy theories 3.Elites of the two groups are not helping matters, in some cases, they even thwarted efforts to address glaring grievances for a lasting solution.

As for Dura-Du case, the military should continue their search and anyone with credible information in this respect should be encouraged to come forward and give his helping hand. And at no point should the military use Zaki-Biam or Odi treatment against Berom people. Technical and sophisticated ways in flushing out criminal elements should be employed.

Should we continue with lamentations?, fanning embers of hatred? excessive use of hate speech? double standard by media in reportage? changing narratives to suit our whims and caprices and politicising of these crises? No, is not the way to go and is not where the solution lies.

The solution lies in how pragmatic, sincere and real we approach the menace and address it. Nowadays we are very intolerant. We must put into our practical way of living, tolerance and respect of each others beliefs, norms, creed and culture. We must learn to  accommodate  divergent views and perceptions.

It is the responsibility of government to protect lives and properties of its citizens high and low, those in Kaftan and Mufti and it is our responsibility we the citizens to leave in peace and harmony with each other. Nigeria belongs to us all.

Bello Muhammad Sharada is trend analyst and political communication expert, you can reach him



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