“Forgive My Husband” Oyo First Lady Pleads

“Forgive My Husband” Oyo First Lady Pleads

“Forgive My Husband” Oyo First Lady Pleads

Wife of Oyo State Governor, Mrs. Florence Ajimobi, has appealed to people of the state, in case her husband’s administration has hurt them, one way or another, to forgive the government, noting that their (government) days are numbered and the administration will soon expired.

The governor’s wife stated this, over the weekend, during a bi-monthly prayer programme by women in the state called Women Intercessory Network (WIN) at Arcade Remembrance Ground, GRA, Agodi, in Ibadan.

Mrs. Ajimobi, while admonishing the people at the programme on importance of forgiveness as prerequisite for peace to reign in any society, said to have a new lease of life in the state, everyone must learn to forgive one another saying her family as number one in the state also need their forgiveness to able to end well in office.

She also admonished women on need to forgive their husbands as prerequisite for peace to reign in homes.

She said, “It is important for us in Oyo State to learn how to forgive one another especially in our homes which is the bedrock of the society as a way to ensure peace to reign.

“Women should be wives of virtue who will encourage their husbands to do well in their areas of endeavours instead of negative utterances that can provoke their husbands.

“Above all, women must learn how to be hard working and fulfill the biblical role of women’s creation as men’s helpers and not financial burden that will always give them problems.

“Also, women must learn to say positive things that can devoid ill luck to their families”, the Oyo State First Lady said.

Also in her sermon titled ‘a New Day’, Evangelist Toun Soetan of Trinity World Evangelical Ministry, spoke on need to forget evils of the past, saying rather women should learn how to take challenges that can lead to prosperity through hardworking and intelligent actions.

While reading from Isaiah 43 verse 18-19, Evang. Soetan said a new day does not come easy, but with a price.

She noted that if everyone one can take this requisite decision, things will turn good and reflect in lifestyle of a society at large.

She also harped on the need for faith while offering prayers to God, saying this will make God answer just as the faith of biblical woman with the issue of blood who was healed because she had faith in God.



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