Hon Obinna Emeneka And His Politics Of Bitterness And Bad Blood – By Bro Machi Pius Igwe

Hon Obinna Emeneka And His Politics Of Bitterness And Bad Blood – By Bro Machi Pius Igwe

Hon Obinna Emeneka And His Politics Of Bitterness And Bad Blood – By Bro Machi Pius Igwe

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It is no longer news that Hon Obinna Emeneka is the key sponsors of Eneh Victor Chigozie’s many malicious write against Anambra State govt and against its officials. The strike that broke the camel back happened today at the ASHA when Hon Cyril Okafor was called upon on his nomination as the TC Chairman of Anambra East Local Govt he was stepped down amongst all the nominees by Hon Obinna Emeneka. Hon Emeneka claimed that Hon Cyril has been his strong critic for his poor constituency projects and that he has to wait until 2019 is around the corner before he embarked on numerous politically motivated constituency projects.

Obinna also accused Hon Cyril Okafor of committing crime during his days at College of Education Nsugbe. The question is, has Hon Cyril be invited by Nigeria Police for any crime? Has Hon Cyril been arraigned for any criminal offence at any court of court of competent jurisdiction? Has same Hon Cyril be convicted of any crime in court of competent jurisdiction in Anambra or anywhere in Nigeria or abroad? If answers to these questions is NO! Then why is Hon Obinna Emeneka bent on tarnishing the image of the governor of the Chief Willie Obiano indirectly by accusing his nominee wrongly? This is to add to the fact that media aides working for Hon Obinna Emeneka has one several occasions accused the governor of appointing touts and criminals as SA and TC chairmen. The single action of Hon Obinna Emeneka at ASHA today has proved that actually it was their principal Obinna Emeneka that has been telling them to write against the governor. It should also be noted that it was the governor out of his goodwill singlehandedly powered Hon Obinna Emeneka’s election in 2015 and he now paying back with his direct against Hon Cyril who is SA to the governor, tireless workaholic APGA Youth Leader who has sacrificed so much for the party for the state. Amongst all the TC nominees it is only Anambra East (The Governor’s Local Govt) that his supposed lawmaker kicked against.

Hon Obinna Emeneka has indeed poked hands into the governor’s eye and made a bold statement that even though Akpokue dike is the man in charge at Agu Akwa, he Obinna is the sheriff at Anambra East and must dictate who gets what! This is indeed of nwa nza that eat overdose and challenged his Chi for a wrestling duel. Unless the later in ready for the dart that he has thrown forward this may mark the end of his political career.

For long now it has been alleged that Hon Obinna Emeneka is a chameleonic mole in APGA regalia but seriously working for the opposition and feeding them with false information against the APGA led govt in Anambra State. One would have expected only member representing another political party in the state house of Assembly to carry out the malicious accusation and act of insubordination done by the embattled lawmaker today. This same attitude of bad blood politics and hate was displayed by the same Hon Obinna Emeneka in 2012 when Hon Chinedu Obidigwe was nominated by former governor HE Peter Obi for same position. Save for the intervention of other lawmakers he would have had his way then. It is now very clear that politicians like Obinna Emeneka sees politics as do or die affair. He never believed that in politics there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies but permanent interest. No wonder Hon Obinna could not boast of a single individual he empowered during his 8yearts stint as member representing Anambra East Constituency. Such politicians should be retired permanently from Omabala politics because of his wickedness and hatred.

Hon Cyril Okafor in his goodwill lately prevailed upon some irate youths who were moving to attack Hon Obinna Emeneka and sued for peace. The youths who were annoyed at the insults against Nsugbe Community by Hon Obinna who could boast of only poorly constructed borehole for his whole 8years in office as representative of the community at the State House. It took the intervention of the easy going and humble Hon Cyril Okafor for normalcy to be achieved on that very day. Hon Obinna Emeneka is paying him back today by being a voice against his nomination as TC Chiarman Anambra East. Well I can only say that law of Karma is a bitch and awaits everyone. Those who play politics of wickedness, hatred, unforgiveness, victimization and vengeance shall reap the same fruit thereof

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