Group To Occupy Senate, Demands Call Off Suspension Of Ten Senators

Group To Occupy Senate, Demands Call Off Suspension Of Ten Senators

Group To Occupy Senate, Demands Call Off Suspension Of Ten Senators

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By Yakubu Salisu A, Kano 

A civil group known as Concern Democratic Initiative Movement For Good Governance (CDIMGG) has threatened to embark on a nation wide peaceful protest by occupying and halting all Senate activities, until rights and respect of Human rights as well as interest of all Nigerians are respected by the Senate President.

According to the group’s National Coordinator Ado Mallam Rossi, the group resulted to such decision as a result of the recent suspension of the ten pro Buhari Senators who opposed the amendment of the 2019 general election time table set by the independent national electoral commission, by the pro-Saraki Group of the 8th Senate, which they view as a deliberate attempt to deprive the senators their freedom of Expression as enshrined in section 39 subsection (1) of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria Constitution.

The group call upon the leadership of the senate to immediately withdraw the suspension of the 10 senators, because it’s violates the Constitution noting that he,  (saraki) is also under trial at the Code of conduct tribunal and as well has been accused of refusing to pay tax as stated by the Paradise paper investigation Report but instead of him honorably resigning from his position, he is still clinching to the post and whoever opposes him or object to his foul antics, will be silence by hindering him from attending the Senate in the name of suspension.

” going by the happenings at the 8th Senate, we observe with utmost displeasure the body language of the Senate president of working for the PDP to sabotage APC led agenda at all levels especially using his allies within the APC to stagnate all development programs, and appointments proposed by the Buhari led Administration, in which the position which he saraki occupies is in contrary to the Constitution of the Federal Republic as stated in section 52 sub section one; that ” Every member of the Senate or House of Representatives shall before taking his seat declare his assets and liabilities as prescribed in this Constitution and subsequently,  take and subscribe the oath of allegiance and the oath of membership as prescribed in the seventh schedule to this Constitution before the president of the Senate or, as the case may be the speaker of the house of Representatives, which that allows him to contest for the position of any principal officers position in the assembly, which Saraki gave a false declaration of his assets and now facing the tribunal but despite violating the said section he was not barred from performing his constitutional duties”

The group further stressed that, the country has never witnessed discrimination of right to freedom as said by section 42 (1) of the republic Constitution, were citizens of the country has the right to political opinion as its been recorded presently. That the in order to achieve some selfish needs of some individuals, the suspended senators and the people from their constituency have been deprived their right of citizenship of the republic which violates their right as Nigerians are the senators were only speaking the minds of those whom they represent at the senate.

” you see a vivid example of such is the recent suspension of Senator Ndume and now the Patriotic senators, all these we see as a deliberate attempt to sabotage the Recent reconciliation assignment embarked upon by the National Chieftain of the APC Chief Asuwaju Bola Ahmadu Tininbu SD directed by the president, this, the Senate President and his allies set to frustrate”

” we want it to be on record that, if after the 7 days ultimatum starting from the 5th of March the suspended Senators are not called back to the the Senate, we shall mobilise and occupy the Senate until our voices and call for justice is heard”

CDIMGG, also urge the National leadership of APC to sanction and also dismiss those involved in frustrating efforts to reconcile party members, and yet working for the PDP to see the downfall of Buhari led administration for a better Nigeria, especially those in the national Assembly.



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