Anambra Gov Poll: Boycott Not In Igbo Interest – BIM


Anambra Gov Poll: Boycott Not In Igbo Interest – BIM

Anambra Gov Poll: Boycott Not In Igbo Interest – BIM

Biafra Independence Movement, BIM, has condemned calls for the boycott of tomorrow’s Anambra governorship election, adding it is the best interest of Ndigbo to support the exercise.

BIM warned that it would not allow self seeking individuals and groups to deceive Ndigbo with the claims that Biafra will be actualized if there is a total sit at home protest on November 18 across the South East zone.

Member, BIM Elders’ Council, Chief Larry Odinma, in an interview wth our correspondent, explained that the struggle to actualize an independent state of Biafra had gone past the stage of boycotting elections and issuing threats to residents and government.

He stated that the Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign States of Biafra, MASSOB and BIM believes in non violent struggle to actualize Biafra, and accused some pro Biafra groups of portraying Ndigbo as terrorists through violence and hate speeches.

Odinma disclosed that BIM members had been mobilized on a ‘door to door’ campaign across the 21 council areas of Anambra state, mobilizing the electorate to come out en mass and exercise their franchise for a governor of choice.

He said, “It is not in the interest of Ndigbo to boycott Anambra governorship poll.  There is no link between the Biafra struggle and the boycott of Anambra election. People should not allow themselves to be deceived. Any group telling you that Biafra would be actualized if the entire South East boycott the election is a liar. What does any group stand to gain from calling for the boycott of the election? BIM members have since two weeks ago been mobilized to Anambra state to sensitize the electorate to come out to vote.

“Anybody calling for boycott of the election is an enemy of the Igbo. There will be anarchy in Anambra if the election does not hold, as a non violent organization, we won’t fold our arms and allow it happen. Biafra can only be achieved through the non violence approached adopted by our leader, Chief Ralph Uwazuruike. We warn Ndigbo to be careful, those who caused the killing of our people few months ago at it again.  “

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