Trouble In Daura’s DSS: DSS Personnel Revolt Against DSS Leadership


See letter from concerned group of DSS staff written to other DSS staff detailing the grievances faced under the Daura led DSS.

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Loading ... Loading ... obtained a copy of the letter from a source within the agency.

#WAKE UP DSS PERSONNEL.What is happening and why is it happening now? have you ever sit down and asked yourself certain question; where is our outfit, detective, hazard, furniture and many other allowances, are these allowances right or privileges? (Emphasis NSO regulations as adopted by the SSS). Surprisingly somebody else will sit down upstairs and tell you that the DGSS has magnanimously approved the payment of so so and so, where and what is magnanimity in the payment of right? Have you ever cross check with your mates/counterparts in NIA and DIA? Are they undergoing same predicament as you? Is their salary and allowances same as ours? If not, why? Are we not operating under the same coordinating umbrella of NSA (intelligence community), enjoying the same consolidated salary scale (CONICS). Is the government appropriating same amount to the three agencies? (DSS/NIA/DIA) It is not possible considering the strength of each agency with DSS having the highest.For you the top management staff of DSS have you ever question why our staff are leaving/retiring from service en-mass having spent so much on them on training. It is sad and instructive to note that we don’t have standard in running of the affairs of the service (policy summer salt). What Mr. DGSS A deems it necessary fit for the svc Mr DGSS B will deem it unfit and scrap it why? Everything is at the discretion of the man on top, it is purely a one man show or one way traffic, nobody has the guts or right to advice, question or confront the Oga at the top. Whatever he decides, right or wrong, will be binding on everybody. Why?DSS personnel are with me? Why is it that when you are transferred from one location to another it takes them so long to pay you your packing allowance? How much is this parking allowance self? Please a home work for you these 40,000, 80,000 and 120,000 they are not paying as at when due is amounting to 400,000, 800,000 and 1,200,000 in the other federal agencies. What up the first 29 days allowance you are supposed to enjoy when you are transferred are you enjoying it? If no why?Enough is enough colleagues is government not paying for all these allowances? If yes, then who is using it at the detriment of others? Don’t forget we monitor grievances of all agencies and advice government to address it for their own good but in our own case we die in silence (suffering and smiling emphasis fela kuti).On the issue of promotion exams, how many are we in DSS (less than 20,000) but look at the arrangements in the promotion exams it has turned to be a do or die affairs without consideration with cut off marks fluctuating from 45 to 50 and 65 at the discretion of the DGSS why. While on the other hand sister agencies are busy promoting their staff in thousands with or without promotion exams. It is sad and a very negative development for any personnel willing to progress in this reputable svc, there is simply no bright future/career progression at all.In conclusion as far as FG is concerned no staff from the three (3) intelligence gathering agencies (DSS/NIA/DIA) is receiving less than #100,000 as their take home pay (emphasis Mrs Ngozi E. Iweala former minister of finance) are we same with others?  If not why? Second home work confirm from your friends and relatives in NIA and DIA how much is their least paid?Remember our job is a stressful one with your freedom being mortgage, you don’t have your own time, it is 24/7 job no Saturday no Sunday and no public holidays. People are there sleeping enjoying themselves but we are on guard gathering intelligence to ensure safe, free and peaceful Nigeria but there is no coolant to cool and boast our morale why?.Enough is enough I repeat they say a word is enough for the wise. These urgent and sensitive issues need to be urgently address for the betterment of the svc and country in general.Please keep on circulating until it reaches the listening ears.Sgd: Concern and progressive personnel from DSS



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