Secretary To The Government Of Imo State Set To Sabotage The APC


The embattled scribe of the Imo State government is set to dump the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in the State following irreconcilable differences with members of his local community. Chief Sir Eche George who is  recently engaged in a fierce battle of supremacy in his LGA, threw caution to the wind to declare his projective move into a yet to be mentioned political party.

The unfolding development is coming on the heels of a purported move by the SGI to hijack the youth structure in the LGA without recourse to its manifest implications.

Sources close to the SGI revealed that his recent moves are part of the consolidation processes to perfect the 2019 ambition of the astute administrator. In what looks like a confirmatory speech, Sir Eche George was bold to remind the crowd of teeming Onyeaghalanwanneya youths gathered over the weekend in Obiangwu, at his instance, that his interest is not party  centred. In his words;

“I am not that typical politician who is fixed on party interest, I am more concerned about what my people say and what my conscience tells me. The APC, as a party cannot influence what happens in OYM, because OYM is bigger than one single political party. If what we seek is with any other party, I will be the first to jump ship”… He stated.

This statement has left lots to worry about the activities of the SGI who, the people fear, may just be toying with the generality of the LGAs stake in the Owelle Rochas Okorocha led APC government. There is still palpable tension in the LGA as the SGI has left so much to be worried about in the weary hearts of party faithfuls in Ngor Okpala Local Government Area.


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