The Truth Of The Matter For The Ahiara Diocese Rejection Of Bishop Peter Okpalaeke


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July 1, 2017

On December 7, 2012, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Monsignor Peter Okpalaeke of Awka Diocese in Anambra State, as the Bishop-elect of the Episcopal See of Ahiara Mbaise Diocese. .Fr. Okpalaeke is to replace His Lordship, beloved Late Most Rev. Dr. Victor .A. Chikwe, who passed away on the 16th of September, 2010. The clergy and laity of the Diocese have since rejected his posting and refused to give him, canonical possession of the Ahiara Diocese- a right it has according to the code of canon law (Can. 382 §1/382 §3), on the following grounds.

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1. Due process was not followed. Ahiara Diocese rejects the violation of the canonical process (Can. 377 §2), that produced Bishop Okpalaeke. We want a Shepherd that will pass through the Gate of the Sheepfold and not one that climbs over elsewhere (John 10:1).

2. Ahiara Diocese detests nepotism in the selection of Bishops. It is unacceptable for Cardinal Francis Arinze to derail the code of canonical law, disqualify an entire presbyterium, in order to grab an additional episcopal see, for an Onitsha Ecclesiastical Province, that already has 8 bishops and 1 cardinal.

3. Neglect of Pastoral obligations as required by the code of canon law (Can. 383-400), since his appointment 5 years ago, is a clear sign that Bishop Okpalaeke and his representative Cardinal John Onaiyekan, appointed to administer the Diocese in his stead, do not care for the flock of God in Ahiara Diocese. We have been so starved of the Sacraments of Confirmation and Ordination; and all Pastoral obligations reserved to the Bishops. They have come to slaughter and destroy (John 10:10a).

4. A lot of polluted water has passed under the bridge in the Bishop Okpalaeke crisis, which has incapacitated him to efficiently administer the Diocese. He and Cardinal Onaiyekan have so intimidated the Diocese with the use of lies, military and police force to impose injustice on Ahiara. The code of canon law Can.401 § 2 states that “. A diocesan bishop who has become less able to fulfill his office because of ill health or some other grave cause is earnestly requested to present his resignation from office.”. Bishop Okpalaeke should immediately resign or be reassigned. He makes the flock to scatter and run away  (John 10:5). His name alone brings anger, fear and disaffection to the people.

5. Ahiara is not insisting on “Son of the Soil”, but on a Priest from Ahiara Diocesan Presbyterium as prescribed by the code of canon law (Can. 377 §2),.

6. Ahiara Diocese is not disobeying the Pope, rather we are helping him in reforming the Church, making sure that people do not commit ecclesiastical crimes in his name.

7. The grievances of the Diocese are strong, justified and deserve a fair hearing, by his Holiness Pope Francis, especially for the potential disruptive impact on evangelization work globally. it is worthy of note that Ahiara Diocese has, about 750 priests, who trace their origin to the Presbyterium,. Since the establishment of the Diocese in 1987, there have been at least 167 priestly ordinations for the Diocese. The Diocese is currently served by 127 priests and 113 religious, according to Vatican source. With such a wealth of priests, the Ahiara diocese has sent more than its share of missionaries around the world, and yes, has contributed to the universality of the church and sure can differentiate it from lawlessness.



On behalf of the Ahiara Diocese World-Wide Laity Council

  1. Professor Edie Oparaoji
  2. Mr Emeka Opara
  3. Adanze Aguwa
  4. Dr Jude Ihuoma
  5. Tessy Okere
  6. Collins Ugochukwu
  7. Ezeji Alozie Aguwa
  8. Mr Austin Onwubiko
  9. Mr Casca Ohanele
  10. Mr Tony Awusaku
  11. Paschal Ukpabi
  12. Charles Ibe
  13. Mr Zephrinus Dozie
  14. Columba Akalonu
  15. Ms Cynthia Tochi Ibeh
  16. Peter Onu
  17. Robert Unegbu
  18. Fabian Ekeanyanwu
  19. Dim Chijike Ndukwe
  20. Mr John Nwachukwu
  21. Sir Mel Igbokwe
  22. Sir Felix Acholonu
  23. Mrs Perpertua Ogokeh
  24. Ezeji Tobias Ogu
  25. Law Nwandu
  26. Chief Edwin Nwanodi
  27. Onyema Nkwocha
  28. Fabian Anyanwu
  29. Tony Madu.
  30. Nze Silas Ugwu
  31. Emeka Okoro
  32. Foster Ikechukwu .
  33. Chief Josiah Ikeh
  34. I. O. Onyeocha
  35. Chinedu Iwuji
  36. Goddy Okoro
  37. Chikezie Onwu
  38. Vitalis Nkwocha
  39. Dr Sebastian Chukwu
  40. Tobias Udo
  41. (Mrs) Justina Obilor
  42. Jonathan Igbokwe
  43. Pat Ekwe
  44. Chinenye Agoha
  45. Ugochukwu Okoro
  46. Obioma Agoha
  47. Charles Nkwokocha
  48. Ogbonna Akubuiro
  49. Uchenna Egwim
  50. Ngozi Eze
  51. Cecelia Agomuo
  52. Ngozi Nwokocha
  53. Benedicta Njoku
  54. Charles Anyanwu
  55. Pius Nzekwe
  56. Callistus Njoku
  57. Simon Chukwu
  58. Okechukw Osondu
  59. Virginus Osondu
  60. Scholastica Ndu
  61. Victor Okwu
  62. Ann Njoku
  63. Ugochukwu Igbo
  64. Tina Odocha
  65. Roseline Mesie
  66. Justina Anya
  67. Charity Eze
  68. Chioma Okparaeze
  69. Getrude Njoku
  70. Egochukwu chukwu Opara
  71. Sylvia Njoku
  72. Esther Onyeocha
  73. Praise Odu
  74. Vitus Ugo
  75. Vero Ugworji
  76. Ibeawuchi Nze
  77. Maurice Ekechukwu
  78. Linus Onye
  79. Remijus Ekeocha
  80. Thaddeus Unaegbu
  81. Tracy Okoronkwo
  82. Damian Njoku
  83. Eugene Anyanwu
  84. Tochi Ekeh
  85. Tonia Ugwu
  86. Harry Ugwo
  87. Christopher Njoku
  88. Anne Ogu
  89. Ben Amadi
  90. Chioma Opara
  91. Uchenna Duru
  92. Donald Njoku
  93. Esther Agim
  94. Kema Ugwu
  95. Greg Ononaku
  96. Queen Ibechukwu
  97. Ikenna C. Ibeh
  98. Ifeanyi G. Anyanwu
  99. Mrs Fidelia Ugochukwu
  100. Mike Chikere
  101. Ngozi Onyeocha
  102. Mrs Cecelia Amadi
  103. Obasi Agbaraji
  104. Mrs Laura Onuoha
  105. Chioma Odum
  106. Mike Achilonu
  107. Robert Ndugbu
  108. Jude Opara
  109. Mrs May Anyanwu
  110. Martins Onyenegecha
  111. Titus Egejuru
  112. Gabriella Njoku
  113. Daniel Njoku
  114. Aloy Mbaegbu
  115. Andrew Anayo
  116. Finian Anyanwu
  117. Paul Nnadi
  118. Nze Robert Ezenwa
  119. Jude Igbokwe
  120. Prince Uzoma Ugochukwu
  121. Paschal Ndugbu
  122. Gerald Ndugbu
  123. McCauley Onyekwere
  124. Valentine Onuoha
  125. Andrew Ugochukwu
  126. Onyinyechi Onuoha
  127. Lolo Uche Egwim
  128. Vincent Nwamdi
  129. Remy Nwamdii
  130. Udo Nwamdi.
  131. Leonard Ndubuisi
  132. Ndubeze Ekere
  133. Young Ekere
  134. Julios Ekere
  135. Rob  Opara
  136. Ugochi Opara
  137. Ikechukwu M. Opara
  138. Odinaka Opara
  139. Emmanuel Anejionu
  140. Chicaodi  Nwanneri
  141. Chief Benjamin Ejere
  142. Carol Onuoha
  143. Bruno O. Onuoha
  144. Emeka Onuoha
  145. Kevin Kachi
  146. Odom Ugwunali
  147. Michael Obasi
  148. Joan Obasi
  149. Kennedy Nwankwo
  150. Bede Oku
  151. Mcdonald Oji
  152. Aileen Iro
  153. Dr Chidi Okpara
  154. Bertrand Okwu
  155. Charles Oparah
  156. Chidi Nneji
  157. John Njoku
  158. David Onyekachi
  159. Athan Ememe
  160. Chief Christopher Onye
  161. Raph Chukwuma
  162. Mark Opara
  163. Celestine Eleanya
  164. Will Nnadozie
  165. Eziada Nnadozie
  166. Gilbert Nnadozie
  167. Obinna Chukwu
  168. Abara Chinedu
  169. Egbujor Ugochukwu
  170. Francis Kemakolam
  171. Ethel Onyeoziri
  172. Eustace Obasi
  173. Austin Iwuh
  174. Canice Nwachukwu, CPA
  175. Bright Onyewuchi
  176. Pat Dozie
  177. Prof Roland Izu
  178. Chief (Prof.) Mathias Dirichi
  179. Linus Egede
  180. Dr Paul Ujumba
  181. Hon Steve Ezenwa
  182. Mr Joseph Ikechukwu
  183. Mr Bob Anochirionye
  184. Mr Frank Ibechhukwu

About Ahiara Diocese World-Wide Laity Council: We are a global network of Catholics with roots and or relationship traceable to the Ahiara Diocese Presbyterium, of Nigeria, constituted to promote the social and pastoral health of our members and the Diocese, using all resources available to us globally.



  1. You have made your point and must now move on — by complying with the Pope’s final directive. You must accept Bishop Okpalaeke henceforth, notwithstanding how just you feel that your complaints are. Anything other than the above will be lawless, irrational, clannish, and unreasonable. Unless you want to quit Catholicism en masse, nothing but compliance with the Pope’s final ruling is your option.

  2. If only the Ahiara people know that can fight the church and win, they will accept Bishop okpaleke and apologise to the Pope.It is not in d matters of the church that u show how wise u are…a stitch in time saves nine

  3. I never thought this will be happening in our life time. Nepotism and sessionalism has crept into the church. Do not be drcieved beneat all these is a clandestine sinister intention boardering on self gratification and aggrandizement. Very soon men will petition God on the composition of Angels and elders in heaven.

  4. Mbaise is a pity that you where unable to help yourself. You were given the chance to find for yourself home made bishop but you failed Why are you blaming the pope and cardinal for your ordeal. Two year you were not able to produce a candidate. Accept your bishop and work with him. Learn from Okigwe diocese and start now to move on.


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