#CongratulationsOurLeader, Senator Abubakar Bukola Saraki – On the Import Duty Scandal 


Dear Your Excellency,

Permit me to begin this open letter by stating that you continue to make all of us in Kwara proud — despite the overwhelming political odds that have been stacked up against you since you assumed office on that historic day in June 2015.

You have had all sorts and all forms of weapons fashioned, formed and manufactured against you, yet, you continue to weather all storms; unfazed by the turbulence and difficulties of these testing political times.

Sir, I know that you know this already, however, I would be remiss if on behalf of all forward-thinking Kwarans I did not let you know that we all applaud your tenacity to fight for justice and the adherence to the rule of law; your compassion for the common-man, Kwaran or not; and your steadfastness to continue serving Nigerians as a whole as our Senate President. Congratulations in this regard.

This past month, again, while you were focusing on leading the charge towards the passage of the Senate’s historic INEC Electoral Reform Bill, political detractors attempted to strike a chink in your armor by dragging your name into an issue that the facts on ground showed that you knew nothing about — the importation of a Range Rover without paying necessary Customs Import Duties.

On the imported car, people like me who have been your keen followers right from your days as Kwara State Governor had no reason to believe the cheap blackmail. We have seen this time and time again, play out in the media, with fancy, false and futile allegations been leveled against you.

Your Excellency, please know, that as a man who has consistently shown that he abides by strict protocols, Kwarans know you to be a man that does not get involved or stick his hands in shoddy deals.

The whole issue of the imported car, made no sense to all of us here at home. This is because you stood to benefit nothing from the car. It was not purchased for you or by you. It was paid for by an institution of government, therefore, the only reason we could see for them dragging your name into this was to attempt (and fail) once again to shift the conversation from the great work that the Senate under your leadership is doing, and continues to do.

When the Senate investigative committee cleared you, after the Point of Order raised on the importation of the vehicle by your erstwhile ally, the suspended Senator representing Borno South constituency, Ali Ndume, myself and other young Kwarans began to understand that the recent coordinated attacks are truly an attempt to bring down a son of Kwara; our Iroko of Ilorin; the Oloye! We will not stand for this.

Therefore Your Excellency, albeit brief, this Open Letter is a call to action to both you and your supporters to remain unchanged in the mandate to deliver good governance, on the home front and on the national stage. It is a wake up call to all of us, that our leader, the highest political office holder in Kwara State, Abubakar Bukola Saraki, the Turakin Ilorin is unshakeable, irremovable and undeviating in his promise to make the 8th Senate, and by extension, the 8th National Assembly, people-centered by passing laws and policies that will positively improve all our lives.

With the visit by the high-powered Borno State delegation to beg for clemency for Senator Ali Ndume, it is now clear to all and sundry that the issue of the import duty is over. Done and dusted, they were wrong, you were right! But knowing that those that see your no-nonsense presence on the National Stage as a threat to their impractical plans to control this government — by hook or by crook — will not stop at nothing to pull you down, we will continue to stand by you. We will continue to fight by you. Come what may, you will continue to win. You will continue to marshal the legislature to pass the promised economic reform laws that will create over 7million new jobs for young Nigerians around the country. As you do this, we will continue to celebrate you. The chants of “Congratulations Our Leader” will be heard across Kwara as you continue to make us glow with pride and look onto you as a mentor and role model.

On this note, for you, I pray that the hard times will never last. I pray that our Turaki Ilorin shall thrive. I pray that the Oloye! shall continue to lead. FInally, I pray, that you, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, our man, shall continue to be congratulated and celebrated.

Therefore, “Congratulations My Leader!”

I remain very and truly yours,

Abdulrahman Abdullahi Kayode

Founder, Kwara Legacy Frontiers



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