Two Minors Caught Stealing for ‘God’

the two minors
the two minors
the two minors
From Nweke Nweke, Awka
Two minors,  Onybuchi Mbaogu ‘m’, 13 years and master Chukwuemeka Ikemaude ‘m’ 11 years were on Thursday morning arrested by one of the vigilance groups operating in Anambra state over alleged stealing of Six Hundred Naira (#600. 00) only from fried beans seller, the amount according to the accused local champions was meant for Church offering in the forthcoming children bazaar bid to hold in one of the Catholic Churches in the state coming Sunday.
According to sources, master Chukwuemeka Ikemaude had criminally deceived the small girl of the petty trader by sending her to go and buy him flavour and immediately the small girl left, master Ikemaude allegedly sniffed the said amount from the tea cup where the money was kept.
On allegedly sniffing the said sum,  master Chukwuemeka Ikemaude who is a native of Anambra State allegedly handed the money over to his partner-in-crime (Onybuchi Mbaogu) and directed Mbaogu to go away and hid the money for the bazaar bid to hold next Sunday.
Confessing to the crime,  both minors said they ventured in the alleged act in order to have enough money to offer to God’s temple in the said bazaar so as to have planty in the house of God.
On their nickname, Onybuchi Mbaogu siad he is kmown as Dereuko while Chukwuemeka Ikemaude said he is properly known as Chiejina even as bothe confessed that it was their first attempt of sniffing money from any person.
Releasing the suspects to their different mother,  the Commander of the Vigilance Group (names withheld) cautioned parents to be mindful on the way they give their children/wards money in the name of Church offering(s).
The Commander assured the two mothers that; “should the minors be brought back to my office for same or other related offence,  nothing will stop me from allowing them to face the full weight of the law.


  1. How can you in the name of reporting not protect the minors but prefer to withheld the name of a vigilante commander who confirmed the story. What a rubbish ideology. Something is really wrong with that story..


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