Forgery: Gombe State University Caught In A Lie Over Student Expulsion

Not Zarah...
Not Zarah...
Not Zarah…

Information available to obtained from concerned students at Gombe State University indicate that the University administrators may have been caught in an embarrassing lie and/or forgery over the illegal expulsion of a female student by the name Zarah Usman Ahmed.

According to the information received, a female student of 400L from Geography department, Gombe State University in person of Usman Zarah Ahmed was handed an expulsion letter dated November 13, 2015 – of which came as a result of exchange of words with a lecturer by the name Malam Nasiru Modibbo during a class quiz. The exchange of words occurred when Malam Modibbo requested for Zarah’s scripts – and Zarah hesitated – being that she had not completed the quiz. The hesitation angered the lecturer and he responded with anger in his tone – resulting in Zarah responding in kind. The exchange quickly grew into a shouting match. Malam Modibbo then promised to get her expelled from the institution. The course was GENS201 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship Skills.

A few months following the altercation, Zarah received an expulsion letter from the University. The was signed by the Registrar, M. A. Yuguda. The letter indicated that the student was being expelled because she was caught in an exam malpractice on 8th March, 2015. Interesting enough, March 8, 2015 happens to be a Sunday. No classes or exams were given on the said date.

According to the group of concerned students who spoke to, “expelling a 400L student is considered to be an inhuman and waste of human resources not only to her parents, but to the community and the entire country in general. This is because there is a an adage that says if you educate a man, you just educate an individual, but if you educate a woman, you have educated the whole community at large“.

Another added dimension to Zarah’s expulsion is intimidation from the lecturer.  According to a source close to Zarah, the lecturer has began to use intimidation through her family members. In the words of the source, “the girl was threatened by her brother in-law, a husband to her Sister. This is because he is together with the lecturer, so the lecturer would not get sacked. That is why he is trying not to allow anybody to intervene on her behave because if the issue becomes resolved, the lecturer will get sacked, because this is the second the lecturer has done such thing“.

When placed a call to Zarah, she confirmed that the school had framed her up – to expel her. But she added that the school had also told her that the matter had been resolved – and that a letter of resolution will be issued to her. But the school has yet to issue her the letter for over one month. The school authority has not provide reasons to the continued delay in issuing the letter.

Zarah and her parents have been frequenting the various offices of the school authorities in search for answers. Till date, no response.

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  1. So saaad! Something ought to be done about it. I had this news some months ago. I thought the matter has been resolved in the then time.

  2. Saifullah Ibrahim Waziri
    # GSU ……
    On d recent news/post dat went viral over d
    cyberspace about a female student who was
    expelled some months back from the university, I
    was able to do a dig in research and come out
    with dis:
    From the inside…….. The student was spotted
    communicating with another student in the said
    exam (abi test) which the lecturer happened to
    be invigilating. He asked the two of them to
    submit. The other guy quietly submitted and left
    while this girl refused and when she finally did,
    she throw the booklet at the invigilator and
    hissed. She then said to him “dan bakin chiki”
    She then started to remark that she will teach
    him a lesson and this is GSU he could do her
    nothing. She stood outside the class( exam/test
    venue) and stayyed until some of the students
    outside persuaded her to leave.
    He then told one of his superiors what happened
    who then asked him to formerly report the
    case.Which He did. There were student
    witnesses to testify as regard ti the conduct of
    the girl
    She insult/abuse the lecturer and she was
    sermon to face a disciplinary committee. The
    report of the committee was forwarded to the
    university senate who after their findings find her
    worthy of being expelled for abusing a lecturer
    not for exam malpractice.
    But when letter was to be written to her mistake
    was made as to the reasons that most cases
    are due to malpractice.
    So She and some of her colkegues went to legal
    aid council to intervene that the student was
    wrongfully expelled and that she was not given
    fair hearing. The university directed the
    disciplinary committee to retreat the case which
    they did and resubmitted their new report to the
    university senate. Senate again reaffirmed the
    expulsion on the ground that such behavior can
    not be tolerated.
    Also, I was able to find out that this girl did not
    even tell her parent dat she was expelledfrom
    the university untill about 5 to 7 months later of
    dia about. Furthermore, d person who was
    named as her inlaw was even d one going up nd
    down to see that she was given a less
    punishment but onlyto the un informed person to
    identify him as d victims enemy.
    In addition, the parent intervened and go to the
    skul management in wch a set review committee
    was set up to revisit the issue for necessary
    considerations (wch I heard dat she myt even be
    lucky and resume skul by Oct or so), but only for
    her friends to post over the media dat she was
    expelled without telling the world wat really
    I graduated from GSU, I knw dat its normal
    humans dat wrk in d skul, dat de can make
    mistakes also. But the reality is dat the girl
    messed up, an we all knw dat in university, we
    receive certificate both in character and learning,
    but from the look of things, she dosnt have ay.
    Saifullah Ibrahim Waziri
    Concerned GSU product


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