44 LGA Chairmen, Others Condemn Kwankwaso, To Face Suspension From APC

Senator Rabiu-Musa-Kwankwaso
Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso
Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso

The political fireworks currently threatening to becloud the peaceful climate in Kano State appears to exhibit many surprising folds. This is as information available to 247ureports.com indicates that the former Governor of Kano State and the current Senator representing a region in the State, Engineer Rabiu Kwankwaso may have bitten more than he can chew.

According to a recent press statement by the Association Of Local Governments Of Nigeria [ALGON] – Kano State Chapter – signed on March 11, 2016 by the ALGON Kano Chapter Chairman Alhaji Ahmad Karaye – and made available to the media, the ALGON Kano State chapter – comprising of forty four [44] local government areas [LGA] – condemned the recent action of Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso – in his attempt at defaming the last passage rites to the mother of the State Governor of the Kano.

The group disassociated themselves from the former Governor [Kwankwaso] while adding that the actions of the former governor were taboo to the customs and norms of the traditions of the area. They called his actions disrespectful to the dead. They also out-rightly labelled his actions as waging a presidential campaign against President Buhari at the expense of morality and decency. [The press release statement is showed below].

As a caveat, the former governor [Kwankwaso] had gone to supposedly pay his last respects and to condole with the Governor of Kano State [Ganduje] on the death of his mother. But upon arrival to the venue, what he unleashed shock the personalities gathered at the venue. He had arrived with alongside his ‘kwankwasiya’ red cap thugs who were chanting negative songs aimed at the President and at the Governor. The chants which were in Hausa language were clear in its message. The message was pointedly Buhari must go and Ganduje must go – that another change is around the corner.

The embarrassing ordeal was immediately followed by denunciations from virtually all political quarters – including the All Progressive Congress [APC] in Kano. The APC State Chairman was quick to go on the air to denounce the former governor and to announce that the APC Kano State chapter will set a disciplinary committee to look into the actions of Kwankwaso and to determine appropriate punishment.

However, the APC Chairman – in what appears an embarrassing turnaround – returned to the air to distance himself from the earlier press statement. According to the APC Chair, his earlier press statement was made under duress – he claimed he was forced to make the statement. His latest statement disavowed himself from the party’s stand on the matter. But cursory investigation by 247ureports.com gathered that the APC Chairman has a prior relationship with the former governor. He is considered “Kwankwaso’s boy”. According to the available information, the APC was forced to recant his earlier statement.

But the party secretariat in Kano State has nonetheless held their stand to continue with the setting up of a disciplinary committee. The Secretary of the APC Kano State, Abbas Abbas had released a statement stating that the party’s condemnation of the former governor still stands – and the committee will be set up to look into appropriate punishment to be meted out to the former governor.


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