Nigerian Army Killed 7th And 8th Sons Of Sheikh Zakzaky



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The 7th and 8th sons of the leader of the Islamic movement in Nigeria Sayyid Hammad Ibraheem Zakzaky and Sayyid Ali Haidar was among the over 500 members of the movement that were killed innocently by the Nigerian army in Zaria.

Hussayniyyah massacre committed by Nigeria forces in Zaria city Local sources said dozens of people were martyred and injured when Nigerian forces attacked the Hussayniyah, where Muslim Shia were marking the birth Day Anniversary of prophet Muhammad SAWA.

The house of al-Zakzaky was burned as well as the Hussayniyyah was damaged by the Nigerian forces.

Similarly the Nigerian armies are digging large holes and putting the bodies of the members of the Islamic movement in Nigeria that they killed in Zaria, in their way of hiding the massacre, they are trying to show the world that they only killed few members of the movement.

According to the reliable source they also put the army uniform to some bodies to take pictures and prove to the world that it’s a clash between the members of the movement and the Nigerian army.

This are some pictures of the Hussainyyah Baqiyyatullah , Resident of Sheikh Zakzaky and the victims.



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