Biafra Wins, Nnamdi Kanu Released



Today saw jubilation inside the quarters of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra [IPOB] as their leader, Nnamdi Daniel Kanu was ordered by the federal courts of Nigerian holden in Abuja to be released from the custody of the DSS [Department of Security Services].


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The entire regions of the south east and south south geographical zones have turned into celebration zones.

The DSS is yet to release Nnamdi Kanu as the courts ordered.

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    • Be wise boy we are not a fool anymore Nigeria divided the East as to give us wrong mindset to steal nd to destroy but nnamdi kanu from God has come to bring it back the way it is before, one East.(add south to east or east to south)=Biafra, one love one family

  1. I am from south south but we are Biafrans. Anybody from south south who doubts whether we are Biafrans or not is either a fool or ignorant ass

  2. I am a Biafran though though from south south. Anybody from south south who doubts or argue he isnt a biafran is either a fool or ignorant

  3. unfortunate, that anyone who holds opposing view has to be insulted especially the biafra war.I think we got to grow up. Are biafrans really really to fight another war ?


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