African Negative Creativity – By Christopher Okoli



Africa is a sweet home for over one billion beautiful people contributing to the dream of a peaceful world, but negative forces have transformed the mindset of many Africans. Africa has played significant role in the development of technology that led to modern civilization, but recently, the continent has been trapped in cultures that are not receptive to political and economic reforms that would have helped to maintain the leadership of Africa in the world. For many years now, the continent has tried repeated to analyze and build her economies from the cultural perceptive burdened with negative creativeness of highly divided tribal groups from the colonial days. Nonetheless, common interests are technically and literally not present in any part of Africa, making any project that might present awesome opportunity of advancement to be constantly view from cultural perceptive and personal gains.

Scholars and other global media moguls have argued that Africans are very creative people with wonderful ideas, but the mindsets of an average African is channeled towards negative thoughts. Look at what African leaders did to Democracy in the continent, the leaders took a proven system of government that has helped many countries to greatness and literally made a mockery of Democracy mainly because of their none-receptive cultural beliefs. Virtually all the tenets of Democracy were stripped off, making that system of government a wonderful tool for African leaders to negatively create their own system of government – Dictodemocracy (a new form of government that hides under the Democracy to loot treasuries of unsuspecting nations).

A continent that lacks the environmental creative capacity to attract capital inflows to capitalist nations, constantly witness capital outflows of billions of looted dollars every year from the shores of Africa, why would such countries remain viable?  Where would the meaningful growth come from in countries that are so much divided with religion, culture and tribal beliefs? African leaders might have siphoned close to one trillion dollars (American Dollars $) out of the continent, the money that would have helped to build enormous wealth in different countries, instead majority of the countries are beggar nations being control by their Creditors.

World decision makers sometimes would deliberately overlook the ongoing looting in Africa, simply because such funds are being deployed to build their own economies. Well the unintended consequences of the indirectly encouraging bad governances that escalated the looting that taking place in Africa would soon manifest and destroy nearby continents. The growing migrant crisis in Europe can never be properly addressed without motivationally encouraging good governance back in Africa and other under-developing countries in the world. Unless European nations lead the fight to bring back sanity in Africa, Europe might invest billions of dollars in building warships they will use to blow up African racketeer boats that would be bring migrants into European. Come to think about it! Maybe Europeans are inwardly happy because the era of slave trades, witnessed times when European Nations pay the transport fares of bringing Africans into Europe, but right now, Africans would sell all their possessions to embark on a journey with unknown ends. The following are possible decisions Europe must quickly make;

  1. Take the fight of immigrant crisis to those African and war devastated countries with unconditional support and encouragement of good governance.
  2. Kill the innocent immigrants at Mediterranean Sea before they set their feet into Europe.
  3. Build imaginary electrocuting boarders that would kill Africans in mass, because the large population of the immigrants would continue to be an increasing financial burden to Europe.

Many African baby boomers left the shores of Africa in the early 1980s following battered economies that deprived the group decent jobs and quality education. The boomers scampered to all parts of the world for over three decades in search of better lives, and today, the reality of answers to the following questions of; where, when and how to retire are stirring these boomers on their handsome  faces. The questions on where, when and how to retire are gradually beginning to occupy the minds of those Africans in Diaspora, and until those questions are answered, these aging boomers will never have rest of minds. African baby-boomers retirement would be $355 billion industry by 2025 that African leader can position for, to help alleviate against the poor capital creative environment in the continent.  In addition to the good governance that would be enforced in Africa, African leaders must hire financial professionals in Diaspora that would help to financially engineer the continent away from the impending financial madness that would manifest when American federal reserve start to tighten interest rates. African leaders must start planning for African baby-boomers in the Diaspora that might want to retire in the continent.

The impending austerity measures in Africa have not yet forced some Africans to start heading to Europe, the world can imagine what would happen when fifty million Africans join the small groups in Mediterranean Sea with the belief that they would be heading to the promise land of Europe.  For over four decades, the continent, when fully adjusted for inflationary growth rates and currency depreciations, has consistently been going down year after year. For over forty years in the continent, African currencies have lost an average of about 70,000% exchange values to other major currencies. African losses are other continent gains, so where are the growths that self serving African leaders are constantly being praised for, because one man loses would mean another man’s gains?

The continent of Africa is very rich in every sphere of imagination, but external forces connived with few local chronic corrupt individuals to plunge the continent into a distant last position in virtually any good thing that insane mind can think off; but of any evil, Africa can never be found wanting, because that is the epitome of negative creative mind. Today, many  countries in Africa are sitting in kegs of powerful gun powders, and unless the leaders change their mindsets of running the countries as their personal businesses, when those kegs of loaded gun powders goes off, the global village will be in for the rude awakening of over centuries of indirectly encouraging bad governance in the continent.  Africa is currently in a calamitous stage brought about by the falling crude oil prices, China and global currency devaluations. Those three Cs would plunge the world into another recession by fourth quarter of 2016; a reasonable mind, can imagine Africa heading into a global recession from such a dire condition.

As ugly as the migrant crisis might look and sound to Europeans and other world sympathizers, it could turn out to be the saving grace for Africa, because the growing nightmare of the migrants might force Europe to start reversing their century-long policies that are not working in Africa.  There is an adage in some parts of Nigeria that says “He who holds somebody on the ground, also holds himself” Meaning that when an individual holds somebody on the ground, he/she cannot get up until he/she let go of that person. Recreation of European greatness can never happen until European leaders let go of African countries that they are invisibly holding on the ground for many decades.

Africa on the other hand can never march to greatness until they realize that they are being held down by superior and powerful forces that must be well appeased for the greatness journey to start. Europe must technically spin off their former colonies because they are no longer viable entities to their economies. Many centuries ago, the colonies were useful in building the economic power of Europe, but today, those invisible hands still holding those old colonies down are invariably holding Europe down at the same time.

The unintended consequences of continuous holding down Africa and other old European colonies, will definitely contribute to increasing build up of strong pools for religious extremists groups, militant groups, child traffickers, drug traffickers and organized crime families for recruits. Majority of Africans are harmless people, and if the world watches as African funds are being looted out of the continent, what other alternatives are available to the growing population in that part of the world?  The global village can motivationally help configure African negative creativeness and channel such thoughts for positive benefits of mankind. There could be many, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan’s like brains in the shores of Africa, but if the environment cannot enable such discoveries because of strategic divisiveness in the quest to conquer the continent, then who is to be blamed for African negative creative minds?

Africa was collectively destroyed by Africans, hedge funds managers, and other countries that wanted the economic interests of their respective countries; rebuilding Africa today must be collective efforts because divisive damages have lingered for many years, and Africans have accepted chronic corruption as inhumane as it might be,  ways of growing wealth in the countries. Re-visitation of African value system should serve as a starting point in restoring sanity and good governance in the continent, more so, cultural re-orientation of the changing global village must be imbibed in Africans. Detailed analysis could be found on the following books; “Crude World of Oil”, “African Dilemma”, “Africa, Emerging or Tapering Continent” and “Nigerian Promising Era”

Christopher Okoli (Nigerian-American Investment Advisor)



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