Factor Workers Into Your Transition Plans, LP Tells Jonathan, Buhari



The Labour Party (LP) has appealed to the outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan and rhe incoming President Muhammadu Buhari to consider unpaid workers salaries as they plan toward the May 29th handing over ceremony.

A statement signed yesterday in Abuja by the National Secretary of LP, Barrister Kayode Ajulo, described as unacceptable situation where workers were owed up to seven months salaries “is uncharitable and shameful.”

“It is our believe in the Labour Party that the Goodluck Jonathan administration, although left with only very few days in office, still owes Nigerians explanation. Is the government owing states allocations? Has there been a change in the  percentages allocated to the states?  Or has the Federal Government short-changed the states in anyway, leading to their dwindling fortunes? Who really is responsible for this mess? ” President Jonathan’s government need to set the record straight.

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“Likewise, for the incoming administration which rode to power on the promise of turning things around and mouthing the “Change” mantra it is appalling that nothing is being said about the working people and their plight. In any country the working class and the downtrodden constitute the goose that lay the golden egg.

“There is no way any country can prosper without taking cognizance of the special place of workers and ensuring that their wages are paid promptly. Those who promise change but preside in states where workers are owed for several months and show no remorse are clearly profiteers on the popular psyche and quest.

The statement added that “It is equally untenable that just a few days to handover the “change agents” have not bothered to come forward with a clear programme for addressing the plight of Nigeria’s downtrodden. Rather, those who promised better condition through their  “common sense revolution” are now beginning to sing a different tune, giving admonition that Nigerians should not expect miracles and crying about empty treasury as if they did not do their feasibility study before accepting responsibility and mounting the podium to make promises.”



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