Boko Haram Launches Attack On Maiduguri To Embarrass President Jonathan

Crowd at Jonathan's Campaign Stop in Maiduguri...
Crowd at Jonathan's Campaign Stop in Maiduguri...
Crowd at Jonathan’s Campaign Stop in Maiduguri…

Information reaching indicates that the capital city of Maiduguri has come under heavy artillery fire from the Jihadist terrorist group, the boko haram. The attack, according to early intelligence reports, began at midnight of Saturday night to Sunday morning following President Jonathan’s campaign stop in Maiduguri.

The campaign stop was without Boko Haram interference.

The armed forces of Nigeria, in reaction have scrabbled their fighter jets in readiness to eliminate the fast approaching threat. The fighter jets are reported to be many in number – and have been hovering around Maiduguri in full ‘war formation’. The fighter jets are not firing at the enemy – according a source within the Nigerian armed forces – but “we are watching and monitoring their movement so we don’t fire at innocent civilians“.

The Jihadist terrorist group are said to have launched the midnight attack to cause embarrassment to the President following his courage to make a campaign stop in Borno – and his promise to end Boko Haram and return the kidnapped Chibok girls.

The town of Maiduguri has been placed under strict curfew until further notice. The military source suspects that the Nigerian Armed forces may be going for a ‘big push’ against the terrorists. Already, the militant is reported to have halted the initial attempt by the terrorist group.

Stay tuned for the complete report.



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