The Great Movement Of The Southern Abia Senatorial Zone – By Eddie Onuzuruike

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It may be likened to a religious revival. I could only remember the papal visit to Onitsha Nigeria, of 1982 followed by the Evangelizing bids of Bonke in Aba. The difference this time was that the numerous overloaded buses festooned with banners fluttering with PDP flags rolled in a rodeo-like convoy in one fell swoop.  All the streets of Umuahia got a feel and the Government Gate arena got more than it has ever bargained for. Conversely, there were no elephants fighting but the grasses around the entry gate suffered with sitters, dancers and littering of the highest magnitude. It was a Friday and a great movement from the South.
The balance of power in favour of the Abia South Senatorial Zone has been a first charge for Governor T. A. Orji. There are so many reasons for this political standpoint. Right from old Imo State, it has been an elusive quest to the extent that Ukwa na Ngwa started doubting their eligibility despite the high caliber of professionals and towering political achievers of the past remembering people like Ururuka and Jaja Nwachukwu.
It is on record that Uzoigwe, Nwafor, Abaribe, Acho Nwakanma, Akomas and presently Col Emeka Ananaba have been deputies, making Ukwa na Nkwa seem like the land of deputies. In Aba Stadium in 2011 when Governor T. A. Orji was received by the host of the Ukwa and Ngwa, Elder Emanuel Adaelu, leader of Ukwa na Ngwa ethic nationality stated categorically that they were putting all their collective vote on Chief T. A. Orji. He warned that all Ngwa sons and daughters wishing to contest should withdraw. Even when the likes of Regan Ufomba, Paul Ikonne and Alozie Akomas defied this accord, the result of votes they garnered from Southern Senatorial zone was abysmal, indicating that their support from their home base was as good as defining them as political prodigals.
The tail end of 2013 and the whole of 2014 witnessed pilgrimages of professionals, chieftaincy stools, traders and artisans to the Government House, urging T. A. Orji to help them achieve the aim and long held dream. His Excellency T. A. Orji has not wavered in his promise and belief in equity, justice and fairness. Even when a known source foretold that the Ngwas will be victims of subjugation in Abia political equation, the Abia helmsman has thought otherwise and meant well.
            Friday November 21st, 2014, witnessed a serious tilt when the host of Ukwa na Ngwa in a-million-man-march pushed to Abia capital of Umuahia, Government House, led by notables like Elder Emma Adaelu, Senator Wabara who made a vehement presentation on the generally accepted candidate.The nine T C chairmen of Ukwa na Ngwa land irrespective of the fact that Osisioma, Isiala Ngwa North and South though not eligible for the Guber race still supported and propelled this move anchored by Nsuko Ukwa na Ngwa and Ukwa na Ngwa Ethnic Nationality. The ever vibrant Otawike Group, foot soldiers of Hon Ginger Onwusibe, ubiquitous in their yellow outfit and others stormed Umuahia in a concerted presentation of their preferred candidate, Dr. Okezie Ikpeazu whose campaign motto, Okezuo Abia, is symbolic of equity and fairness to Abia in general.
            As the Governor has always said, your destiny is in your hands if you come together in unity of political and civic purpose to present and back your candidate. This you can prove in the imminent governorship delegate primaries.
            In human experience, one who is desirous of a quest is always in front. According to late M. K. O. Abiola, ‘you can only drive a car from the driver’s seat.’ Just the same way  as you cannot shave a man in his absence.
            Ndi Ukwa na Ngwa should eschew greed, divisiveness, selfishness and come out en masse to assert themselves in an issue that is topmost and all important to them.
            The following week, Abia North led by The speaker, Sir Ude Okochukwu and chief Emma Rocks Ukwu, T C Chairman of Bende LGA, lent their support to this movement and power tilt. Who then is against Ukwa na Nkwa? As have been earlier stated in many postulations, Abia is made up of three senatorial zones. If the central has endorsed with vehement support from the North who then could stop the South? Nigeria as a country has fought liberation wars in Africa positioning her foreign policy to the advantage of subjugated African countries, South Africa being one of them.
            If we have made such worldly acclaimed efforts in establishing equity why not in Abia in favour of the Southern Zone. Let us settle this once and for all and establish a power rotation template for posterity in Abia.
Adapting from Martin Luther King Jr. let freedom ring from all the hills of Abia, Let it ring from Ugwueke, Uturu Caves and the slopes of Arochukwu. Let it resound from Ugwu Nchara, Mission hill and Ugwu Offia in Akanu, let freedom ring in all the senatorial zones of Abia!
            Let us endorse the movement to implant a history and culture of power shift based on the three Senatorial zones.
Eddie Onuzuruike.


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