Controversy trails First Lady’s Xmas Rice



…It’s for Jonathan’s 2015 election victory – Presidency Source

A new dimension has been added to the controversy surrounding the recent alleged donation of expired rice by First Lady, Patience Jonathan, with claims that the rice was laced with voodoo to make her husband win the 2015 presidential election.
Mrs Jonathan and Transformation Agenda of Nigeria (TAN) had at the Yuletide (Xmas), distributed thousands of bags of branded rice at rallies.
Some children were reportedly killed in the stampede that ensued.
“The blood from the children were part of the requirements by the ritualists for their sacrifice to make Nigerians vote Jonathan en-masse in 2015,” said a source.
According to sources close to the donated rice, several voodoo priests were hired by Mrs Jonathan and some of her key aides to perform rituals on the rice before donating them at rallies.
“The rice has been steeped in occultriruals and is to act as the bond between the eaters and Jonathan. Anybody who tastes of the rice would end up knowingly or otherwise voting Jonathan,” said a key aide.
According to the sources, “Mrs Jonathan is more desperate than her husband to cling to power, and would stop at nothing to accomplish this.
‘Her Excellency can’t just imagine spending a day outside of the powerful Presidential Villa, so is relying on every means necessary, including occultism, to achieve this goal,” he stated.
“Once sure of her continued stay in Aso Rock Villa, Mrs Jonathan would continue to nourish her insatiable appetite for money, money and more money.
“The voodoo priests, some from neighbouring West African countries have assured Madam that now matter Buhari’s efforts, her husband would win the 2015 election via a landslide. This explains the arrogance that has trailed the Jonathan campaign,” said the official.


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