Sultan To Muslim Political Leaders: Open Tv And Radio Houses To Help Propagate Shariah




Sultan of Sokoto Alh Sa’ad Abubakar 111 has called on the well-to-do individuals to use their resources in establishing Radio and Television houses to be used as a medium by the learned Islamic scholars to propagate Shariah


He made the appeal at the National Annual Conference of Jama’atul Tajdeedul Islam held in Gusau the State Capital.



The Sultan noted with dismay, the way Muslims became reluctant in supporting Islam through creating medium in which Islam can be broadly propagated to capture the young ones at home and sales the good value and morals of the religion of to the larger world.



‘’Sunnah TV is the only Islamic owned Television Channel through which programmes and activities of the religion of Islam are propagated and is not enough’’ the Sultan added.


He expressed dismay with the way the Monthly Islamic Magazine of Jama’atul Tajdeedul Islamy went off from the public circle and called on the Governors of Sokoto, Kebbi, Katsina and Zamfara including some wealthy individuals from the North to work in harmony in making sure that the Magazine is back to the Public domain.



He commended JTI members for their commitment in promoting unity among the Muslims Ummah as well continued propagation of Islamic ideals and values adding that, the achievements recorded by the group within its twenty years of existence in Nigeria are remarkable.



He enjoined Muslims to emphasizing on the unity and togetherness as the basis for their triumph.




  1. It is difficult for corrupt political, traditional or religious leaders to propagate Sharia. Will it be to try and punish only the poor?
    Please ensure sanity of the Muslim leadership First.

  2. Fine. Boko Haram’s only declared intention is that it wants a sharia-governed country. Only pity the southern political class who refuse the handwritting on the wall to grant Arewa a sharia-ruled country it craves. These southerners falsely hope that problems from religious extremism from Arewa shall stop today or tomorrow. As long as one Nigeria lasts, Arewa shall remain a heavy clog on the wheel of progress of majority non-Muslim south of Nigeria.

  3. That doesn’t call for alarm! Establishment of Sharia TV doesn’t mean we want to Islamise Nigeria. Are Nigeria Mono-religious?


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