Ekwunife Dumps APGA for PDP, 5 More Reps to Dump APGA

Hon. Uche Ekwunife
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Hon. Uche Ekwunife
Hon. Uche Ekwunife

The exist of the former governor of Anambra State, Chief Peter Gregory Obi from the seat of activity in the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA] party may have brought about a lights-out to the APGA in the manner the members who had joined the southeast based party over the successive electoral victories of the Peter Obi administration in Anambra State – appears to have abandoned the APGA immediately following the exit of Chief Peter Obi from Anambra State politics.


Information available to 247ureports.com indicates the entire members of the House of Representatives flying the APGA banner representing constituencies in Anambra, six members in total – have reached agreements with the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] to defect from the APGA and to join the PDP. Among the six members of House of Representative is Honorable Uche Ekwunife who was elected to the House of Representative under the APGA banner is reported to have finalized her defection into the PDP away from the APGA.


Honorable Uche Ekwunife was originally a member of the PDP before defecting to the Orji Uzor Kalu led Peoples Progressive Alliance [PPA] for contest of the 2010 gubernatorial elections in Anambra. From the PPA, she defected to the APGA to contest for the house of representative.


It is uncertain what Ekwunife’s reasons are for dumping the APGA but unconfirmed information obtained from her aides suggests that she may not be happy with the present management of the APGA.


She is expected to make her defection public on Monday August 4, 2014 in a press conference in Awka.


  1. Political prostitution of the highest order! I am not much into APGA, or any other party either, but this woman needs to be taught a political lesson. She seems to care only for herself (not that she is alone in that); but, enough has to be enough, or her next stop will be APC – wherever her bread is most buttered.

  2. APGA is a subsidiary of PDP so no one should be surprised about this after all Chris Anyanwu, the only APGA senator defected to PDP and the party never protested. But they have been ridiculing themselves over the defection of Rochas to APC. This went to prove what Rochas told that world that what is left of APGA is a PDP subsidiary and nothing more. Kudos to Rochas for leaving the APGA house of fraud. I even heard that Peter Obi is contesting to become a minister under PDP. What a shame!

  3. We should understand that the crops of politicians we have nowadays in Nigeria are self-centered individuals who seek gratifications for themselves and themselves only. Any political party that cannot afford them the instant mega-benefits are written off immediately. You can see many of them run full circle–from PDP to PPA to APGA and back to PDP and so on. Who said they understand the word “Shame”.

  4. Anybody that rains abuses on Hon. Ekwunife is borne out of envy and malice. She did what she is supposed to do because APGA is made up of selfish individuals that always renege from agreement. No wonder members of APGA and their errand boys are touts who do not know their choices of words.

  5. Rochas is a failure in Imo politics, APGA is doing wat a Tribal based party should do. Peter Obi remains the Leader of APGA and he has not left the party APGA and he loves party very much, So Imo state CAPT EMMANUEL IHENACHO wil emerge as the new Imo state governor come 2015. Up APGA ,UP CAPTAIN IHENACHO. God bless Imo state

  6. Remember that Victor Umeh was a member of PDP, a treasurer for that matter. He knew what he committed before dumping PDP for APGA. That Hon, Ekwunife is being villified for dumping APGA for PDP is sheer wickness on her person. As equity demands that u don’t shift a goalpost to enable u score a selfish goal. He who seeks equity must do equity. He who goes to equity must go with clean hands. Hon. Ekwunife should be left alone as most of the people today that are champions of APGA and other parties were once members of PDP. Why is hers raising dust.

  7. Am not surprised, that’s who she really is within : a betrayer. Selfish aim nd quest for gains distorts ones sense of maturity nd sullies ones trustworthiness. She weren’t trusted neither will she ever be.
    Reasons for d defection were baseless, with words of deception as a ‘praise-singing’ to the PDP exco.


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