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Where Is The Greatness In Our Humanity, Oh Africans? – By Mazi Okwu Okwu



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malcolm x



Today May 30th, 2014 is set aside by the neo Pan African forces as 1st African International Nationalism Day. Many may wonder why if nationalism struggle has not been fought and won. To us and every conscious African and true scholars African nationalism is now or never. Hence African International Nationalism is a renascent approach to African nationalism adding impetus to the same goals of African Liberation Day celebrated every May 25th. May 25th and May 30th are now a twin movement for regime and system change designed for the sole purpose of getting Africa on her feet and liberated for good. To be actually independent at all levels and not these present day depths of despair flags independence in Africa killing humanity, life and economy. It was created through Nigeria National Conference Observatory and Monitoring Group and now massively buoyed into by Pan African forces and friends of Africa.


Herein, I present debut hope transmitting African International Nationalism message celebrating Life, Family, Community and Universe in consonance with all the visionary philosophy, business and goals of African Nationalism and human world affirming fundamentals of ours.  All aimed at redeeming Africa from her present economic woes and misadventures in economic nationalism making bad testaments discrediting a renowned pre-eminent continent-mother of the worldly civilization.


Salve trades, colonization and imperial scholarship are not Africa’s history and economic nationalism bases but a Whiteanity twist that destroyed and keep destroying our humanity forcing conquerors’ swords on us. Pan Africanism is our watchwords and cultural alternative to Berlinism.  It is on this note that we are celebrating African International Nationalism as a new beginning in professing Africa and her pre-history and times civilization that still form the foundations of worldly civilization and scholarship erroneously credited to Greco-Judeo-Roman usurpers of all that is African gift to the world.


We have governments in Africa but hardly have African Governments. Governments in our land and all over Africa have veered out of the way, ceased to be for the protection of life and property on which bases governances derive functionality. Our economy is in foreign hands and cultures and presently a dumping ground for all kinds of goods and junks including fake, expired and substandard products. In Africa, cheat men led Governments come, sing economy boom, boom ruses and go without putting foods on the table. Workers toil under pressures and are poorly remunerated. Pensions and other retirement benefits are most often, not paid but rather stolen as seen in Nigeria.


In fact, our economy has been shared up and is under continuous exploitations and massive loots. All go on at the expense of both individual and communal expense killing African nationalism and continental beauty. All African political economy and constitutions are against Casualization. Yet Casual workers engagement is far on increase and in practice to the extent that people and citizens are helpless before their engagers working under varying conditions that question the existence of state with no regularization of service.


Casualisation and host of other anti-regularized workforce and killer policies are rammed down the jobless Africans because the labour unions have been lost to politics that labour leaders now serve in political establishments and appointive post rather than fighting for traditional workforce and all civic cum labour matters and interests. This is Nigerian reality, for example. Imagine, almost all the expatriate companies led private sectors in our land are engaging Casual Workers who are helpless before work hazards, contractual disputes and job security. Most expatriates companies in Lagos, for example, hire Casual Workers on daily basis and sack at their whims and caprices as if their citizenship and fundamental human rights no longer matter.


Our educational institutions and services are nothing to write home about due to gross under funding and lack of institutional measures. Teachers and non Teachers’ workforce in our schools are underpaid and not provided with educative friendly environment and mechanism for actualizing their potentials. There are hardly accessible research funds for the lecturers, researchers and interest groups, anywhere. Our university dons fund their academic and researches interest by themselves and carry their bags and files by their selves. All telling dismal stories of our fallen educative standards: no research or graduate or student assistants and funds. How then do we make magic baking best brains except self challenged nationals actualizing and maximizing their potentials without state alive to duty.


Sports have been killed all over Africa and we now pay through our noses celebrating and watching West’s sports booms and no one is telling and shout world sports melt-down the way we are hearing world economic meltdown because capitalism, like communism that failed Soviet, has failed the West. And they have lost African Market to Chinese led Asian Tigers’ economy. Full blown capitalism have been forced down the throats of all African Nations by the West and her Breton Woods institutions and we are in for big troubles when coupled with theatres of the absurd and wars and terrorisms’ wars been promoted and shifted to Africa by the Imperial Economies of the West and East.


Service providers – private and recently privatized public sectors – are more interested in revenues generation, maximization of profits and unlawful economic exploitations. Our textile industries have collapsed and sabotaged despite billions of naira sunk to revamp it because our government have no home grown rules aimed at protecting local industries. Government in our land has killed all the gains of economic nationalizations and indigenous policies because of its elusive chase for foreign investors.


What we have in our lands is neither foreign investment nor technology transfer but industrial depots where finished products are assembled and packaged to in most case bear “made in Nigeria”. Other foreign investments in Africa are companies outlawed in White havens because of industrial pollutions, environmental and health hazards e.g. tobacco and certain drug companies. None of the expatriate companies and industrial depots invests in our land or sources their materials locally. Even, those who farms are not feeding the local economies of Africa but export to Europe and America. Yet they all enjoy some wavier, incentives and certain tax exemptions as foreign investors while adding nothing to real economic growth. They make monetary and produce gains that are dubiously channeled back to their home economy while giving nothing or little to Africa.


Even the banking sector that was formerly one of the highest employers of labour has through Imperialists prescriptions and Breton woods institutions –World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) killer economic agenda been destroyed. It tells on the economy. Banks and Bank staffs make illegal deductions from customers’ accounts and this is not news as many have been caught and prosecuted. No more Savings Account in reality. The same banks that use customers’ monies and deposits to make and maximize profits for their selves and inversely through various ploys and gambits take back the meager interests they ought to give their customers from interests made through business and deals arising from their moneys and credits usage.


In Nigeria, most banks are collecting about Two Hundred Naira (N200) monthly from all savings accounts in the name of account maintenance and still collect monies for credit and withdrawal alerts messages sent to customers, thereby making more interests than customers. Why should banks collect Twenty Naira (N20, 00) per alert message after collecting N200, 00 monthly account maintenance bill? Not even when text messages cost Four Naira (N4, 00) for individual telephone users and in between Eighty Kobo (80k) and One Naira Fifty Kobo (N1.50) for customized messages being used by Banks? How does this encourage poor income earners to keep monies in the Bank when monies putted in banks diminish and disappear under various pretexts and established killer handling charges?


In fact, there is nothing to show for Account Maintenance bill than using the already victimized customers’ phone data sending messages that mostly advertise Banks’ products and services. Thus, petty traders and low income earners who mostly operate Savings Accounts are now instead of making interests from keeping monies in the banks being defrauded and discouraged from going to banks through all kinds of legal and illegal deductions and exploitations. For this, many have stopped banking because of the said ignoble activities of bank rats and banks’ razors tearing people’s pockets and bags in illegal and established ways while Central Bank of Nigeria looks and do nothing. These various means of illegal and established deductions discourage the essence of banking and have defeated the economic purposes of having interests accruing from putting monies in the bank.


Worst still, everything is dutiable and buyable in our land including criminality and judgments. There are two laws: one for the rich and the other for the poor. Those who steal billions of naira from the Public treasury get cases either adjourned sine qua non or have light sentences while ordinary GSM phone snatcher gets ten years and above. Contrabands still find their ways into our market because the main purpose of governance in our land is revenue generation and not safety of the economy and citizenry. What is the sense in banning certain goods and entrusting sole importation of them to few friends of those in governments as seen with rice and cement importations in Nigeria for example? These contraband products sell cheap in neighbouring countries like Republic of Benin and through smuggling comes in more expensive but still cheap to what those with state given monopoly sells? This trade monopoly has seen one highest bad loans debtor owing many Banks enjoying all forms of patronages to now becoming the richest man in Africa while other junior citizens are through state sanctioned economic terrorism seen out of business.  Those who enjoy state given monopoly are mostly business partners of the internal colonizers and fronts from which economy is looted. Chief Cletus Ibeto’s Ibeto Group of companies paid dearly and had her business destroyed in the past for importing cement that Alhaji Aliko Dangote’s Dangote Group then has monopoly under ex-president Obasanjo’s rule.


More appalling is that substandard, expired goods and fake products still find their ways into our markets because of high target of custom duty and revenues generation. Our economy is import dependent! Arms running have come to a crescendo that terrorism has become an easy trend making terrorisms’ wars been shifted to our Africa to gag our economy and defense expenditure. This means more monies for the Imperialists/Cabals and Cabal agents; and death to our humanity. So terrorism is no longer news.


Despite all the noises about economy turnarounds as canvassed by World Bakn, IMF and Western Private Sector leaders, it does tell on the street nor put food on the table. Purchasing power has through economic protectionism not properly carried out fallen that we may in nearby future become more distress economy. People and businesses helplessly pay for services not rendered. Even after privatization of the power sectors we still pay for power not supplied and/or used. Lights are supplied in most parts of the country whence energy bills have just been shared and this is followed by mass disconnection of lines making people rushing to pay for energy not used. After this, there will be no light again, until next billing time. It is still the old practice of sharing bills by outrageous approximation without meter reading and at times, crazy bills will be given, yet helplessly we pay while the government and governmental look away in askance. Privatization,


Concessions and other trade liberalizations have led to nowhere. It may have worked for the West because they had finished using public sector economy to develop and build their markets before entrusting their economy to private sectors. This, we didn’t take into focus and with unviable and non-self-sustaining market force; we have become victims of the Imperial Economic Hit Men (IEHM) sold to us as technocrats and leaders. And economy becomes comatose that from Federal, states to local governments there are gross and glooming cases of multiple taxations without commensurate social services and amenities on ground. The greedy internal cabal agents have through primitive accumulation of wealth and in conjunction with their International Cabals’ driven Private Sectors bought up and shared everything that has to do with our public sector economy.

It is because of the termite-activities of IEHM and internal colonizers that all the sold and illegally privatized public sector economy of ours has collapsed. We only live on petrol dollars incomes coming from unknown/unaccountable oil outputs and sales and governments at times deep hands into commonwealth taking and spending unbudgeted monies to remain in business.


Man, woman in our land; and Africa by extension, is friendless before the International and local Cabals, while the excessively armed and interfering governments milk the commonwealth dead. Budgets are made for economic ritualization and not for implementations. Everything about governance in our land is improvisation and stage fight. We are now willing receivers of both political and economic terrorism. This tells the weakness of our spirits, inequality of status in nationality. Check it out. Nigeria by all measures is endowed with plenty human and natural resources and makes more monies than the leading economies of the world. Still, she [Nigeria] has become a chronic beggar and debtor while her citizenry are among the most poverty-ridden people of the world.


Again, Nigeria is today rated among the failed states of the world by United States of America, USA and a host of international agencies. No jobs for her teeming youths. Nowadays, millions of the jobless Nigerian youths have always been steadily extorted in the name of job-giving that come with commercialization of employment processes leading to sales of forms and online applications. This means more monies for the governments and her agencies and overexploitations of the jobless citizens.

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Just recently more than One Million (1,000000)  youths applied for about 5000 job opportunity in the Nigerian Immigration Service with forms sold at One Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N1,500). Too much money! About a score applicant graduates lost their lives during a stampede at the Abuja National Stadium venue of the pre-job examination that was poorly arranged. That shows a picture of a state that has habitually chosen not to empower the younger generation of hers but subjecting them to unlawful and ignoble servitude with mechanisms for further exploitations.


More worrisome, is that average lifespan is presently decreasing steadily in Nigeria and all over Africa. Infant and mother mortality rates are alarmingly on the higher side. Our Hospitals and Medicare are nothing to write home about that the riches and government leaders go for treatments abroad as the poor are helpless. Hunger driven crimes are far on the increase. Rising tempo of terrorism and counter-terrorism are unspeakable. More badly, Nigerian consumers pay more for less in the name of products and services, which at times are more of low-grade and expired products. Workers work in social ignominy and most often underperform because there are no good working conditions and enough incentives.


Nigerians, petty-traders, merchants and industrialists are overtaxed in a way that they have become willing slaves paying taxes to authorities that cannot provide the three basic needs of human – Food, Sheller and Security – on which basis governments exist. Tax dogs from Federal, states to local governments harass citizens and intimidate them to paying multiple taxations that do not reflect anything about governing patterns, good governance and service delivery, in the land.


Imagine, while most nations are often ravaged by natural disasters than man made; and live making good out of their societal challenges, poverty of the brain and stomach deriving from lack of genuine social concerns, economic values and awareness have seen Nigerians, and Africans by extension, willing victims of manmade disasters. That citizenry’s righteous angers that ought to be harnessed and directed against the anti-humans in all establishments especially army of corrupt leaders through genuine quests for human values, citizenship rights and civil resistance are what the unguarded citizenry are directing on one another, while spelling and spreading externally propped human disasters in veil of beliefs, un-beliefs, sectional divides and political conquests.


Human and political activism have become indistinct and crooked because of the adverse effects of commercialization of social quests and protests by the neoliberal West led globalism and policy makers! Governance is now stage managed and aggressively defended through corrupt commercialization and hiring of audience and pseudo activists and corrupt media that misinforms and harasses the unsuspecting mass and real social crusaders. Now making activists’ community a ghost yard peopled by visionary and agitated minds, hungry men, power and secret agents, beginners in politics. This has made social pushes and rights advocacy more herculean. Who cares about these ignoble social decays that the elite are deadly and skillful bestriding the land destroying life, legacy, culture and psyches like bulls on rampage? Everyone is one his own and we are making a steady descent into serious economic quagmire, day after day.


At this point, it is observable that one but major disadvantageous challenge facing life and struggle in our society making jests of our political economy despite the huge accruing wealth and countermanding social activism of the spirited citizens is a great disconnect between the citizens’ conscience, stomach and pocket lines. Enough sentiments are not generating along this direction and that is why citizens and consumers are given to lack of social and individual order. This makes sloppiness and lack of discipline and descent into quietism rapidly increasing regime making nuisance of all Afro-generic clannish and human rallying-spirits that the upright and consociated league are either killed, vilified, destroyed or badly countermanded.


Thus, seeing the international and local cabals corrupting the society and always winning and living high advancing their league of “primitive accumulators of wealth” against the commonweal! With corrupt and sharp practices permitting the land, the IEHM men presented as saviours, technocrats and leaders promote the culture of getting rich without sweating while Africa is made slave-economy of the Cabals’ internationalized private sectors. This is the economic reality DOING the citizenry and consumers in Africa a GREAT EVIL. No one cares about the evil pricing regimes – paying more for a little – and down-down Nigeria/ Africa consumers and sweating workers go!


Outside the working class under the folds of Labour Unions and the spirited activists of the Civil Society Groups and political movements; Nigerian/ African consumers and workers that collectively bear the burdensome economy are not involved in social push, agitations and civil resistance. Seriously committed activists are scarce and threatened daily by the menacing activities of commercialized activism pushed by the neoliberal forces. Unionists are more interested in wage struggle increase and close their eyes to the day to day work-hazards and experiences of the working class, citizens and consumers. Casual workers and the Citizenry have already lost state protection and citizenship rights.


See in your mind’s eye, killer practices of Casualisation are fast displacing the constitutional and economic issues of regularized work services and no one cares. Why? The mind is not taking charge, anymore! With commercialized activism becoming the new phenomena Unionists and rights activists are even learning the path of politics. One must reiterate that enough [but genuine] sentiments are not generating from the citizens’ intellect to the stomachs’ and pockets’ lines.


People have been used to falsehood that they distance selves from ideal life and essence of having state failing to seek the path of light. Anything is consumable in Nigeria/Africa including political beastly and economic rascality! Citizens are helpless before their governments while the consumers’ protection and standard organizations and other regulatory agencies are more interested in revenue generations and maximization of profits than public good. Consumers pay the supreme price! Things are so bad that citizens can hardly afford to challenge the Leviathan upholding the part of honour, protesting man’s inhumanity to man: Legacy, profits and dividends accruing from the sweat and tested achieving-cultures of ours have taken a steady-downturn. Evil political economy is taken to be business as usual.


At this juncture, be it ask: Where is the Greatness of Africa in us all before our today’s killer corrupt practices and downturn economy mesmerizing the same Africa we ought to live for, defending the humanity of all? That our markets are now dumping grounds for the imperial economies including their substandard, fake and expired goods and services. It is because of the fact that our society has no formidable civil, consumers’ and workers’ voice that we live and die ignoble while immensely blessed by nature. Even, killer GMO foods, products and services have find their ways into African markets with no one protesting!


For example, the arrival of big but cheap GMO apples that does not have seeds has crashed the price of apples in our land. South Africa led traditional apples that sold about One hundred naira (N100) now goes for three or four for One hundred naira. This is so, because Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) products especially drugs, crops and foods are cheap but hazardous to health and soil. Government of Ghana was the first to signed Agriculture promoting treaty with leading GMO Tech company Monsanto tied to G-8’s $300 million dollars grant. Nigeria has under President Goodluck Jonathan recently done same through the MOU signed by Monsanto and Minister of Agriculture Dr. Akinwumi A. Adesina and no one is talking. We are told Monsanto will boost agriculture but the truth is that it will through biological weaponry of GMO kill organized farming and our soil and make us dependent on GMO food and products.


GMO seedlings when planted kill the soil and make it impotent to growing other crops except seedlings annually cultured through transgenic engineering and supplied by the GMO based companies. Most GMO crops do not have seedlings while those that has does not grow when planted. It means that the crops and fruits seeds produced by the initially planted GMOs seedlings are cultured that they cannot germinate when planted. This will see Monsanto chief suppliers of GMO seedlings and products and our farmers and economy would be helplessly dependent of GMOs.


GMOs seedlings and products after killing the soil make grasses stubborn to clear and pests and insects stubborn to pesticides and insecticides. The said GMO transformed stubborn grasses, pests and insects can only be killed by GMO products too. GMO creates pests and insects havocs resistant to traditional Insecticides and Pesticides unless the ones produced through GMO transgenic techs. What people eat as white meats with soft bones are products of GMOs’ technology. It has to do with transgenic doubling of two, three to four days chicks through GMO tech machines that turn to big Chickens with soft bones that people fall for at hotels and eateries. But who has ever seen chickens with soft bones anywhere or advertised as another way of farming? By the time we will know it organized farming will be killed all over Africa and we shall at a point be GMO foods and products dependents. By then, our nature given food chain and crops and seedlings would have vanished with more hunger, health hazards and death in the land and more monies for the imperial economies and Private Sectors.


Today, farmers in Africa are already using GMOs farming methods without knowing it. This includes but not limited to the practice of clearing bushes and weeds with chemicals which destroys the soil and makes it fertilizer dependent. GMOs foods and products kill humans by destroying the body system, mutate the immunity and causes cancer the same way it destroys the soil. It is a known fact that GMOs are proscribed in most of the G-8 Nations and White havens. Even the notorious GMOs technology company Monsanto has been banned by all the G-8 and most European nations. Yet, it is prescribed for Africa and other world processing $300 million G-8 grant as a company to do business with by G-8?


Where is the African blood in our veins and arteries? Every time, the Imperial Economic Hit Men, IEHM in the veil of leaders and technocrats are winning and carrying out their anti-social economy killing war unchecked while we appeared willing souls of dehumanizing political and economic terrorism. For those rejoicing that those who create and fund terrorism and have shifted terror wars to Africa have come to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria, I tell that terrorism war has not been won anywhere. So it is not about casting aspersion on Mr. President, Military, Police, State Security Service etc who has played containment and bursting terrorism eradicating game verily well. Westerners who condemns President Goodluck Joanthan and our Military over their homegrown approach to terrorism counter war have not said anything reasonable since terrorism wars have not been won anywhere by the West including United Sates of America. Is it in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Mali, Iran, China, India, Lebanon, Israel, Europe, Latin America or in USA soil that terrorism wars have been won?


Terrorisms cannot be won until the same imperialists who fight counter-terrorism at others’ humanity and economic expense and make peace keeping missions that also creating and sustaining wars and terrorism networks through arms running and politics of taking sides to make cheap/more monies and commit a little on humanitarian concerns repented for good. Is it not said in Ilulogy, that “He who kills with the spirit by the night and comes to funeral with humans by the day cannot speak for humanity”?


Also, why should the imperialists subsidize many things for their nationals including health and education and social benefits but always advocate subsidy removals, borrowing and borrowing and full blown capitalism as way out for Africa and other worlds. This has always been fetching us crass-descent into quietism, actionless and political rigmarole that we do nothing to stitch-up the broken walls of our humanity.


Before Africa is finished, we must rise to take-back Africa from the grips of the IEHM and their masters and wicked/greedy internal colonizers through knack to knack, brain to brain, astuteness to astuteness, diplomacy to diplomacy without having humanity and universe dying in us.  We shall do so that there will be soul balance and liberation of the humanity of all. I don’t by this submit taking anybody down because of the colour of his skin. We shall fight colour blind to save the world. Anything outside this is diplomacy treachery and sabotage to others’ humanity while in veil of humanity defenders.


Frankly speaking, the messages and experiences arising from the total failure of all the recent deregulations, Concessions and privatizations in our economy are proofs enough that we have no market force to rely on pushing full blown capitalism– let alone deciding the consumers’ fate. Today, we in economic opportunism carried too far celebrate China, taking credit and grants from her, inviting her business men, technocrats, engineers and scientists to come rescuing our traumatized economy to no avail while at the same time forgetting that China’s is a regulated economy as also approved by our pro-public sector economy and constitutional provisions that we are blindly and seriously consigning to the dustbins of history while at the same time in elusive chase of capitalism. Africa cannot be poverty, diseases, terrorism, counter-terrorism and theatres of wars/absurd free by having hers still scrambled by the G-8 led imperial nations or taking sides in wars against her through political harlotry and sustaining slavish economy.

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To be after capitalism and at the same time emulating communist China is brainless and amusing because we cannot condemn public sector driven economy in mad embrace of full blown capitalism as agitated by the West and at the same time be after Chinese’s economic models that aimed strong case for regulated economy. Something is seriously wrong with our leaders and policy makers bestriding us with Western Capitalism and East’s led socialism models at ago. This is why the collectively own goat, die of hunger in the plenty of resources! No hope for Africa until she heeds Pa. Nnamdi Azikiwe’s non-alignment policy tied slogan: “East, West; home is the best”. We have to know why Great Zik canvassed “Renascent Africa philosophy” instead of following the wild goose chase capitalism Vs Communism utopian promises.


We have to think Africa enough. Study Biafra, Zik’s Nigeria build on merit, Nkrumah’s Ghana, Lumuba’s Congo, etc to rediscover African nationalism detested by the Whiteanity entente cordiale that believes in everyday scramble and dismemberment of Africa to guarantee Africa underdevelopment and raw material provider to industries of the West and East. There is no doubt that African is ultra-communal society oriented like the Chinese, and no amount of capitalist dossiers and bail-outs could see hers on-top because capitalism breeds crass individualism that is antithetical to Afro-autogenic civilization and communal spirit. Our economy way-out lies in public interests driven economy as framed by our African nationalist founding fathers and the writers of our various constitutions.


They after us and we are after ourselves. How many times shall we die before our damning economy is rescued and redirected to safe coast? Those who in the past stopped Biafra Revolution, and still supporting and leading murderous Nigeria against any cultural alternative; we must say are not doing so because they believe in Nigeria but to keep her gagged and tamed. World powers are afraid of Nigeria and her economic potentials and that is why they preferred using the Breton Woods Institutions and unfriendly killer policies through the backwardly led North holding power to checkmate and hold down the progressive and industrious South from unleashing their economic and industrial potentials as seen done to Igbo and Biafra.


Today, they say it Boko Haram but I say it Whiteanity civilization that has clashed with Arabic and Afro-generic civilization on our continent and they still call it terrorism war instead of helping us getting back our humanity’s calling for international conference on REVIEW OF BERLINIZATION OF AFRICA for real Nature’s and social spaced boundless nationalism. While Boko Haram declared war on Western civilization saying it is evil, and their approaches remain condemnable; we should not look blind and or be silent on her salient point that West’s models – politics and life of anything goes has led to gross underdevelopment of Africa and other worlds. The ignoble political economy of ours and turning Africa perennial victims’ of imperial fissures make theoretical argument of Boko Haram worthy of attention and viable.


I pray Boko Haram embraces peace and develop their arguments and postulation Boko Haram “WESTERN EDUCATION IS A SIN”. To become humane missioners enriching our intellect and humanity on how to revamp global economy and save the human universe without stains of blood. Their argument is in conversant with the philosophy of Pan Africanism and Non Alignment Policy that distrusted imperial cabals and underdevelopment of the Africa and other worlds. By going against some of the hidden internationalism politics of Arabianity sparing not even Muslims Boko Haram is asking for a new beginning but should embrace peace and dialogue to help us deliver. Of course, Boko Haram we must say never started as a terrorist organisation but was forced into terrorism through state terrorism leading to the death of their spiritual leader.


We have to propagate theoretical and humanly waxed Boko Haram distilling education and economy telling and champion with commensurate humane propensity to save the fallen standard of worldly civilization made possible by imperial internationalism and politics of taking sides in worldly conflicts. This of course, is not the fault of Western Education or nationals, either but the ills of the imperial cabals and their cabal-agents whose adverse pay and havoc wrecking has visited the Euro-American with distress life and economy. Let’s help BOKO HARAM come home and become friends of humanity that genuine Islamic and Pan African culture permit. That we make a resonating campaign with the slogan BOKO HARAM saving our humanity from possible extermination from greedy and wicked sellers of the weapons of mass destruction.


Disarmament including Nuclear weapons and plants shall be part of our nascent BOKO HARAM business. Economic cheats posing as elite and leaders killing and looting the treasury while we die of hunger in the midst of plenty natural and human resources are the major Boko Haram terrorists that destroyed education that the Islamist Boko Haram are looking for. I support genuine Boko Haram that will feel for the humanity of all. This said Boko Haram must accept that there is no wisdom in having self-professed as North liberating organization that say they are fighting federal government and Western civilization by destroying their people’s house, life and economy. This has destroyed three economic capitals of the North namely Kano, Jos and Maiduguri. This is not the Boko Haram that promises soul searching and self-liberation until the state police security agents killed their leader.


Boko Haram I must say took long to be proscribed and pronounced terrorist organisation despite their acts of terrors. Why? Their activism has no connection with transnational Islamists’ terrorism led by Al Qaeda network sired and feared by the West. They are rooting for indigenous Hausa Concept Good man lost to imperial cultures sustained by the elite backed British led West. This to my Igbo is Mmadu –let the goodness exist philosophy. Though Boko Haram is also canvassing Sharia rulership, we must say that this is internationalization of Arab personality that like the West’s is cultural imperialism. Arab identity did not make North but build on the solid foundations of Hausa civilization that was open to free thinking and human concerns until the rise of Uthman Danfodiyo led Jihadist Fulanis that eventually enslaved the said Hausa civilization long served the multinational and multicultural North.


Whether terrorism or counter-terrorism, no death is cheap; all are not justifiable. But in humanity’s sake extremism and terrorism should not thrive at all. That is why Peace Building and conflictology and humane conspiratorial stratagems should be the goal post of counter-terrorism. To win back Boko Haram the Federal government should engage them on both military and other means of reasonable intelligence and not treat them as terrorists at all. Let arrested ones be made to face court process that is speedy while efforts are made to end Boko Haram Insurgency.


Azikiwe Goodluck Ebere Jonathan may be vilified for his Zik’s approach laden with what Ilulogy calls Nwayo bu ije “It is slow but steady movement that makes journey progressive”. This is what Great Zik celebrated as his political advantage as “Fabian policy” that is his beauty. Mr. President has always be abused like his role model in whose honour he was named Azikiwe but shall surely triumph like the  Great Zik vilified by British and non-knowledgeable Africans but celebrated by the African nationalists as Great Zik of Africa central to struggle for Africa nationalism. It was the British championed conspiracy against Great Zik that led to conspiracy against his Igbo people and also Gen Ojukwu and Biafra.


The main reason why Great Zik was not given power at independence by British is for his Africa renaissance resolute. Yet no Great soul of his kind has and will ever be seen in Africa again. Where other nationalists are wasting time theorizing and championing either socialism or capitalism he propounded “Renascent Africa Philosophy” and “Social Welfarism” as way out and in tune with Africa and her civilization. His Social Welfarism that was a blend of communitarian, socialism and capitalism proffering public and private ownership economy has been stolen and been presented as neo-liberal policy mischievously used to kill people and nations. President Goodluck, I will evaluate after 2015 and not by the present day confusionists’ and cabals’ hostile dogs mesmerizing jibes and anti-Africa policy. By then we shall even check his anti-corruption fight and stratagems. Meanwhile, I resigned with Gen. Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu’s posit: “If Nigeria cannot be, let Biafra be!”


President Goodluck Jonathan and the intelligent and security forces have done well by getting Boko Haram and co insurgency belted from spreading to other parts of the country especially Southern Nigeria. They have been caught at different points in the South including Enugu, Port Harcourt and Lagos heavily armed. I will not accept that my Igbo people that their bloods flow like stream leading to the current retributive karmic situation especially in the North and security and intelligent men dying to see us through die in vain. Those who fight terrorism notwithstanding the wicked activities of the corrupt ones are doing well.


Let all those who call Africa names allow us develop our political economy the way our nationalism dictates whether as Biafra or Nigeria or what have you; and the world will see the beauty of the Black brain that is not inferior to any other rising again. Best scientists, scholars, Doctors, Surgeons, Engineers and Technocrats in Europe and America are mostly Nigerians. Nigeria has burgeoning millions of her citizenry abroad and if well harnessed and tapped may be the ones that will spell economic boom and cultural renaissance. Something is happening with Nigeria home and abroad in terms of economic growth and intelligence and creativity that may need political will to champion.


We should know one thing for certain: THEY ARE AFTER US! That we shall not repeat Biafra ingenuity that shattered white brain myth making Biafra the only war fought throughout the cold war era that the East and West stood on one side (Nigeria). When British and her Egyptian led Arab allies could not help Nigeria stop Biafra, Russia joined the Capitalist West with superior fighting power conscripting East Germany to come crush Biafra that had through Ahiara Declaration become a socialist state.  I mean communist’s Soviet Russia that was leading socialism war against West’s capitalist! Meaning socialism or capitalism, Whiteanity entente cordiale matters most.


The world has long waited for our arrival, oh Africans. Lamentation time is over. It is action time! Do not wait for any to start action-fixing moves or for others to do it all alone before you join the progressive movements for enduring socio-economic change that would through populists’ concerns and agitations break Leviathans’ iron gates of horrors. You may start from your little cell, or from areas in your personal capacity; be it in the family, office, school, communal or business interests. AND ONE DAY – our oppressed people and continent must not only be free but take her pre-eminent seat of nature among the comity of nations; and our lives and economy shall surely appreciate for human good.



Join the new beginning march African international nationalism quest for economic freedom and nationalism driving from within!  Join pro civil, workers and consumers’ revolutionary quest and activism against political and economic terrorism and criminality in all garments – be it in the family, neighborhood, corrupt followership or leadership or in areas of doing businesses. No more business as usual in Nigeria/Africa! Say NO to injustice and poverty while we are in the midst of plenty human and natural resources.  Are you there? Wake up, put on your gauntlet, communicate and transport ideas to the glory and liberation of the motherland.


By this resolve, we must first free ourselves, to free Africa and the humanity of all. The world has long waited for our arrival. Lamentation time is over. It is action time. Nakumbuka – Africa must be free, to free humanity of all! No to Berlinism. Yes to Cultural alternatives to Berlinization of Africa. This is what African International Nationalism stands out making a case for unreserved acceptance of pluralistic ethos for great humanity and safety of the universe. Happy African International Nationalism Day!


Nevertheless, on our feet we shall rise, standing firm agitating for pro-peoples driven societal quests wrestling the anti-humans in all establishments for the proper actualization of a society built on the dignity of labour and human characterization. On this unique resolve, we stoutly pronounce: No more business as usual for the anti-humans in all establishments making our political economy on the way out. Work for that day while putting all the economy saving arsenals on crossfire. This is what May 30, 2014 slated 1st African International Nationalism Day is intended to champion and shall be an annual event. This discourse serves first outing liberation message that all lovers of humanity should support Africa on her homecoming. AFRICAN NATIONALISM NOW! Liberate Africa, Liberate humanity of all! Happy Africa International Nationalism Day!


By: Mazi Okwu Okwu, profounder “African International Nationalism Day” celebration.


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