Lamido Accuses Jonathan For Neglecting Agriculture


By Umar Akilu Majeri, Dutse
Governor Lamido of Jigawa state has accused the federal government for empty
promises, Lamido stated this while receiving the minister of agriculture
at the state house in dutse, Lamido stated that the federal government
under the leadership of president Jonathan made several promises
to Jigawa state – of which none of the promises were fulfilled.

According to Lamido, some of the empty promises made by the present
administration included the improvement of Hadejia valley projects, construction of Dutse airport, as well as construction of all federal road network. None of these promises were fulfilled.

The Jigawa State governor added also that the Dutse greater water scheme was among the Jonathan promises. And, nothing has been executed by the federal government. In the last 34 months only 20,000 hectares of land were cultivated and used for agricultural purpose and up to now nothing has been done to improve the agricultural production in the country.

Lamenting that the federal government in 2010 has established seed
production centre in birnin kudu local government area and yet nothing
to show in the place because there was no sign of the federal
government project in the site.

Lamido therefore charged the federal government to save Nigeria from
hunger, poverty, unemployment by improving the agricultural production
so that youth could gain employment

He observed that farmers in jigawa state have not received any signs of
agricultural support by the federal government and the state is one of
the leading state in cassava, maize, and cotton production and it was
rated among the poorest state in the federation


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