We Rigged 2007 Election In A Shrine – Man Of God Confesses



By Rabiu Doma, Nasarawa
Barrister Clement Odeh Magaji, the executive secretary of the Nasarawa State Christian Pilgrim Welfare Board has made a shocking confession over the role he played by rigging 2007 election in the state, Magaji while confessing his sins of manipulating election in favor of their candidate revealed that they rigged election in a shrine.

According to him, “this is a true confession of the role I played in 2007 election at my constituency of Kokona East. In the cause of the manipulation, an elderly man advised us to allow God to choose a candidate for us but it felt on deaf ears, we agitated that the
aspirant we maneuvered the election in favor of is our anointed candidate

Barrister Clement continued “As I’m talking now, as a representative of the people, the man is not accessible to us, for the past years he did not provide a level playing field for his people by providing a level playing ground for his people by providing source of livelihood for the people. Water and other means of livelihood are a cause of concern to the electorate; our schools are in shambles, while public hospitals are not accessible and conducive to the people”.  

The executive secretary who hinted this on the occasion of 2013 Legends Youth Conference award by the publisher of Living Legends, an International Magazine – added that “the honorable member is a total disappointment to his constituency, As I’m talking to you, I feel ashamed of myself any moment I flash back to the sins I committed, as part of the cabal”.

Barrister Clement Odeh called on youth to effect changes in the way and manner they do things – as the rising spate of insecurity and political violence is a thing of concern. He added that youths are vulnerable to violence.

Also the publisher of Living Legends Augustus Aboyiza in his speech indicated it is necessary to effect changes in the society. “Youth must change their way of thinking”. He however said that election in Nigeria consume youths and legends – “youths are sacrifice on the altar of callous and iniquitous politicians”.

The awardee appealed to youth to retreat to their consciousness, saying that it is high time youth take up their responsibility as core leaders of tomorrow. ”It is now time for youth to champion their cause for a brighter tomorrow’’.

The organizer added that the celebration is meant not only to boost the morale of the legends but also to draw their attention to the fact that they are models of the emerging generations.

He described the awardees as a symbol of monumental achievers; he stated that legends in their constraint affect the balance the lack of patriotism, passion and love for
unity, development and progress of this country. He also said the awardees championed the affairs of the poor, the oppressed and the downtrodden in the society.



  1. Rubbish! Would this confession have been amde if the man was getting all the money he expected.. We should forget about this man and plug our electoral loopholes. The oly way to belive him is if he shows a video.


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