Three More Governors To Dump Jonathan’s PDP For New PDP Faction


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The special Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] Convention held in Abuja on the weekend of August 31, 2013 may have come and gone with some successes recorded by the President Goodluck Jonathan led faction of the PDP in its ability to conduct an election for the respective offices but the ‘taker’ may have been the unexpected side attraction of the said convention. The split and/or crack of the PDP by seven PDP governors’ withdrawal from the PDP on the floor on the convention appear to have taken the garnet.

Information available to obtained through competent sources reveals that the actions of the seven PDP governors may have begun to exhibit signs of a ‘snowball’ effect.

As gathered, the seven Governors who had mustered the courage to boldly walk out of the PDP convention event have begun to embolden many of the aggrieved PDP elected officials who were already in talks with the seven governors prior to the walkout of August 31, 2013. Some of the official are said to be fearful of retributive actions by the President should they not succeed with the faction of PDP. But has been pointed to three more governors who are presently in talks with the new factions – and it is said that the three governors are ready to make their announcement soon – in a ‘spectacular’ manner.  The specific identities of the three governors were not revealed to our correspondent but it believed the three comprise of two northern governors [Kogi and Gombe] and possibly a south eastern governor [Enugu].

The source pointed particular attention to the manner the remainder of the PDP Governors who remained at the conventions left the occasion before it was concluded. “Only two governors stayed till the end” said the source. He went on to add that seven out the Governors who left the arena before the end, headed to the new PDP faction to commensurate with the other seven governors – at the new PDP faction post – late on Saturday night. “This morning three more expressed interest”.

The source continued to add that “in the next few months and with this crack in the PDP, many Senators and National Assembly members will defect to APC, PDM and or other parties”. Admittedly, the source conceded that the new faction expects for the bold move exhibited by the Governors to trigger the onset of mass desertion of the Jonathan led party.

There are going to be a lot of legal battles ahead – over expulsions and demand not to be expelled. Rivers State and eight other State’s Exco which are not properly constituted” – said the source who went to boast that Atiku and the seven governor will be equal to the task to rectify the anomalies within the party.

Asked what informed the sudden breakaway from the party – whether it had to do with Atiku’s presidential aspirations. He denied that the breakup had to do with Atiku’s aspirations. He stated that Atiku has dropped the quest to become the President of Nigeria.

In his words, “This party is in the hands of three people, and they are doing what they wish, Atiku is a democrat, he is always fighting so that there should be a free and Democratic Party where every eligible Nigerian PDP member can vote and be voted for. The seven governors want a fearless leader and a democrat to guide them; he [Atiku] is not doing that because of his ambition. He is not interested any more. He fought Third Term, today GEJ, is enjoying being in power, so why can’t them be patriots? Atiku is one of the founders of PDP and biggest financier of this party today. But it has been High jacked, where is Solomon Lar, where is Dr. Alex Ekwueme, where is Gusau, IBB and host of others, their opinions are no longer respected”.

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