Obi Destroys Ngige’s Billboards as APC Spits Fire


We confirm that some bill boards of the candidate to beat, in Anambra 2014 race Senator Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige ,OON,Onwaaaa, has been brought down surreptitiously  and posters extensively torn by hoodlums sponsored by the Anambra State Government Peter Obi  and his faction of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).
It is a matter for regret that the government now indulges in destroying election materials erected with hard-earned private funds  by opposing interests in a desperate attempt to create fear in the mind of the voters in Anambra State who are decided on where their votes would go-NGIGE!
Early indications to this effect emerged form a regular APGA/Anambra Government Alter Ego on the Internet and employee of Anambra State government who goes by the alias, ‘Elder Chris’.
Elder Chris announced that:
‘‘…Angry Anambra youths destroy Ngige bill boards and
poster for being unable to pay #1m advertisement, pasting of campaign posters and mounting of campaign bill boards, thereby
defaulting the Laws of Anambra state..’’
Operatives in the campaign team of NGIGE 2014have confirmed this.

In the first place, ‘angry youths’ do not enforce laws of a state government, as there are proper agencies for the purpose.
In the second place, Ngige had completely paid his N1million; not minding the reservation expressed by stakeholders on the panic imposition candidates by the state government. The payment, made to ANAMBRA STATE SIGNAGE & ADVERTISEMENT AGENCY by Senator Chris Ngige on August 29, 2013, through Account no 5030003844 of FIDELITY BANK PLC.
The resort to the rule on impunity by people clearly enjoying the backing of Anambra State government is indicative that Governor Peter Obi and his party are seeking other avenues to intimidate a winning candidate.
We liken this event to three similar incidences of the recent past in the build-up to this election:
• Following the declaration of support for Senator Dr Chris Ngige by a multiparty coalition drawm from all parties and all factions of parties including that of Obi, and the speech made by Hon Ralph Okeke to the effect that Gov Obi was deceiving Anambra State with Zoning, a group called Anambra North Youth Organisation, claimed to have banned Hon. Okeke at the time from all public functions. A demonstration to the effect was organised by the state government and surprisingly led by a sitting Local Government Transition Chairman, Mr Chinedu Obidigwe.We promptly condensed Obidgwe, who later held a press conference in Prktoia Hotels Awka under the supervision of government for inbeing a chairman that leads demonstration s and wondered who they would now table their complaints to, if the ‘leader’ was on the street.
• Senator Chris Ngige attended the New Yam Festival of Awkuzu Town last weekend. Before his arrival an exuberant ‘town Union executive member had sent texts to members of his entourage claiming that the state government did not want him to attend. Senator Ngige honoured his invitation and was lifted shoulder high by enthusiastic youth of Awkuzu who stated that the road he constructed in Awkuzu was the only surviving one. Midway a few thugs sent by the Transition Chairman for Oyi Local government Mr Okafor , commonly called Wiper’ were chased away by the same youth who trouped after Ngige till he left Awkuzu.
• Mr AkachukwuNwakpo erstwhile aspirant under PDP had planned an occasion with traditional rulers to take place in Aguleri, the transition chairman was instructed to use tugs to dismantle the event and the occasion was eventually moved to the place of one of the traditional rulers in the areas.
Transition Chairmen, undemocratic impositions of Peter Obi government which has seen him deceive Anambra four times and avoid elections five times runs common to these three instances, and send a strong signal on what APGA and Peter Obi seek to achieve through these appointees in elective positions, hence the evil postponement of LG elections for a record fifth time in this administration.
In Igbo land the figure three is to all intents and purposes a round figure. After three attempts at intimidation, ENOUGH must be ENOUGH.
APC will not sleep over the right of our popular candidate to feel safe and free to respond to the messages of love and acclamation by the people. We shall not campaign through the sides of our mouth, but shall proclaim proudly from the roof tops if need be the general acclaim that Ngige shall return to re-position Anambra State on the path of growth.
Our supporters must not waiver.
Let word go out from here to all security agencies a, to all concerned Ndi Anambra, to Nigeria and the world that the Government of Anymore State eager to influence the outcome of the November 16, 2013 election undemocratically, by installing a stooge and factional candidate of APGA and The latest onslaught-intimidation is only one of the seven points of action agreed for the purpose by the leading lights of APGA-PDP in South Africa, under the cover of ‘Executive Retreat’. 
The plan must be allowed to fail as the implications of touching a tiger by the tail are predictable.

Okelo Madukaife
For: All Progressive Congress (ACN+ANPP+CPC+DPP+APGA)
Anambra State.

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  1. APGA and Peter Obi enough is enough, please we need you no more, pack your load of corruption, looting and misrule and leave us in peace. Ngige is the love of our heart..


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