APC slams FG over continuing ASUU strike


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The All Progressives Congress (APC) has condemned the Federal Government’s  insincere and amateurish handling of the strike that has paralyzed  academic work in public universities in the country for the third month  running.
In a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday by its  Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party  said the tepid and half-hearted way the government has handled the  strike has shown that it does not place much premium on education, which is the path to national development.
It said there is no  better indication of the government’s disdain for education than the  fact that the Jonathan Administration has continued in its profligate  ways even as students caught in the web of the strike remained at home  when they should be engaged in serious academic work.
APC said since the  strike started, the Jonathan Administration has thrown at least two  mega, money-guzzling dinners in Abuja, perhaps the best example of the  aphorism ‘Nero fiddling while Rome burns’. In one of such frivolities,  the President and his party folks feasted joyously at a post-PDP  convention dinner even as hapless students were bemoaning their fate  over the strike.
The party said it was also in the midst of the strike that the First Lady organized the  so-called peace rally that brought hundreds of unsuspecting women to  Abuja in what later turned out to be a march of shame. The  Abuja gathering must have guzzled millions of naira.
”Yet, some ministers had the temerity to insult the sensibilities of Nigerians by saying the government will shut down if it meets ASUU’s demand. What an affront!  They did not say Nigeria will shut down when the country paid out 3  trillion naira in non-existent fuel subsidies; they did not say Nigeria  will shut down over the 1 trillion spent in the last eight years on less than 500 people; they did not say Nigeria will shut down due to FG’s  monumental profligacy, which includes spending billions of naira to  pamper ex-militants, some of whom are now so overfed that they are  threatening the country’s very existence!
”It is particularly shocking that the government has carried on as if everything is normal, without bothering about the fate of the students who have been marooned at home since the strike started. Perhaps this is because the children and wards of those at the helm of affairs are luxuriating in schools abroad, or because they are too comfortable to worry about their less-fortunate compatriots,” it said.
APC also said the fact that the strike has persisted despite President Goodluck Jonathan’s directive, widely reported by the media, to the FG’s negotiating team to do everything possible to end the strike, says a lot about the Administration’s credibility.
”In fact, the negotiations between ASUU and the Federal Government were called off two days after the President issued his directive. So much for credibility!” the party said.
APC reiterated its earlier call on the FG, in a statement it issued on Aug. 20th, to immediately implement the agreement it willingly reached with  ASUU in 2009 and stop wasting its energy on why the agreement cannot be  implemented, saying: ”Agreements are meant to be respected, not  repudiated.”


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