Open Letter To The Leaders Of APC From All Progressives Youth Forum



In appreciation of your immense contribution to national development, unparalleled patriotism, loyalty to democratic ideals and basic principles of good governance; we, the youths supporting this unprecedented effort of merger, wish to once again show our  gratitude for all that you have been able to achieve so far, by defying all odds and cynicism to give Nigerians hope of a viable democracy based on healthy competition and political sanity. Your effort has given us the hope of a rescue mission of a country at a precipice of disaster from incompetent, selfish, and inept leadership of the last fourteen years.


Of late however, the political pundits and media across the country have filled us with random speculations about a “disharmony” within the emerging progressive platform – the APC, as regards the issue of the interim officials of the party. Suffice it to say sirs, that most Nigerians, out of immense passion harbored for a successful emergence of the merged party and subsequent triumph over the corruption infested PDP, continue to believe that the choice of the interim leaders is KEY to the sound foundation of this party.


At this critical point of the merger, we would like to remind you not to give into individual ambitions, whims and caprice. To also remind you that this movement is and should be bigger than ANY individual,group or even a party. And that now is the time to eschew all differences and personal interest for an overriding goal, make all the necessary sacrifices to ensure that the APC is an inevitable success. We believe that our leaders as seasoned and selfless gentlemen will conclude the processes in an honorable manner, discarding personal and other shallow political conveniences. We unanimously implore the relevant stakeholders saddled with this onerous responsibility to do justice to everyone’s effort, to our hopes and ultimately to the destiny of this country by putting forward the most credible and capable of individuals as interim leaders.


The All Progressives Youth Forum, as devoted partners in the APC project, stakes a rightful claim to the integral and future custody of the Nigerian ‘Rebirth’ project which forms the basis for our decision to mobilize and galvanise the support and interest of Nigerian youths from all over the federation and even in the diaspora to identify with the party.


As you sit to decide what will become of this party, please remember that this party is the future for the younger and a reality for the present. It begins with us and end with further generations down the line. That though your bodies may whither, the soul of the movement must remain alive for all eternity. What you do determines the lives of more people sitting outside that room than within it.


We wish you Godspeed and wisdom as you sit to choose what is undeniably the most closely scrutinized partisan decision in Nigeria’s history.


Long live the All Progressive Congress (APC),

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria


Barrister Ismail Ahmed                                                                       Barrister Mac Obi Oscar

Chairman                                                                                                              Secretary



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