“Kidnap & Die Oath” Administered to Anambra Communities in 7 Deities


Kill or kidnap and die oath was administered to the people of Anambra East  and Anambra West local government areas yesterday in seven dreaded  shrines.

The seven shrines accompanied by seven male virgins to the venue of the  oath taking were Aro-Amamerulu of Ivite Aguleri; Ayaya-Nwuru of Nando ;  Ebeagu of Umuikwu  Anam.

Others were Nengo of Nteje; Ovia Mmili of Umueri; Udude Onogo of Igbariam  and Ochume Iwele of Umuoba Anam. These shrines and their goddesses are  dreaded in Anambra state as once an oath is taken in any of the shrines , calamity upon calamity often happen to those involved if found guilty  and it does not stop with the immediate offender as it wipes out the  entire household of the offender in revenge.

But the fear of another communal war among themselves after the horrible  Aguleri and Umuleri communal war that consumed thousands and destroyed  property worth billions of naira that could not be reconstructed up till date. The scars of war are still imminent in Aguleri/Umuleri and the  region could not afford another communal war especially now the people  of Enchowa and Odeke in Kogi state are fanning the embers of war against Aguleri Otu. 

The oath was necessitated sequel to killing of four people each allegedly in Aguleri/ Umuoba Anam communal clash as  narrated by eye witness Chukwudi Daniel Chinwoba.

He said the Aguleri people mistakenly killed four people from Umuoba Anam  thinking they were from Olu and the Umuoba Anam people retaliated and  killed four people from Aguleri.

That he said heightened tension leading to take over of the two communities by the Army and the Nigerian police.

Following the tension generated, Chairman of Anambra East Traditional Rulers  Council and Traditional ruler of Igbariam, Igwe Nkeli Nzekwe Kelly and  the Chairman of Traditional Rulers Council Anambra West local government area, Igwe Sylvester Nnose as well as Igwe Chukwuemeka Eri of Aguleri  and Barr. Stan Nwata of Anam stood in for the two local government areas for the oath taking to forestall killing and kidnapping of anybody from the two local governments.  

The oath taking was witnessed by the Chairman of Anambra East, Comrade  Chinedu Obidigwe and the Chairman of Anambra West , Chief Augustine  Chukwura as well as DPO Otuocha CSP E Sunday, SSS team, NSCDC team, over 12 other traditional rulers and over 40 representatives of the  communities and stakeholders in the two local government areas.

The document of oath entitled ,’’don’t kill your brothers from Anambra East and West in any form again’, states that henceforth , Aguleri and Anam  should stop further killing of themselves , any person or community who  is adding them should stay clear and stop fueling the crisis. That  failure to stop further killing, let shrine kill those involved in such  killings.

‘’that any person from Anambra East/ Anambra West who engaged in kidnapping in whatever means whether here or outside or even held kidnapped person  hostage in Anambra East/ West that shrine will kill the person.

‘’Both traditional rulers , PG’s and indigenes of Anambra East and West who  heard that anybody from this area Anambra East/ West will be killed  without revealing it that shrine will kill the person. 

‘’that any traditional ruler or President General who did not  announce this article of oath taking to his community within 48 hours ,let the shrine punish them.

‘’That any person from Anambra East/ Anambra West who engaged him/herself into vandalisation of electric wires and transformers or accepting those  stolen wire from the perpetrators let shrine kill the person.

‘’that any person who hails from any community in Anmabra East and West  operating as a criminal using any weapon whether gun, matchet  etc or any person who saw the bandits or know their hideouts without  reporting to the traditional rulers , PG’s , security agents and local  government Chairmen , let shrine kill the person.

‘’That from today, all the communities/ person from Anambra East/West who  engaged any foreigner to reiterate on killing anybody from any community in Anambra East and West let shrine hold the person.

Chairman of APGA in Anambra East , Mr Mike Osita confirmed that since he was  born he has never seen such shrines being administered at a stretch but  expressed hope that no more would killing or kidnapping be perpetuated  in the two local government areas especially by natives or with their  connivance.

The Chairman of Anambra East local government area, Comrade Chinedu Obidgwe informed that the communities in the Anambra East and West have taken  an oath not to kill , kidnap or maim anybody from the communities never  again before seven shrines that are powerful in the two council areas.

He said twelve Monarchs and two transition committee members and over 40  other stakeholders including representatives from the Army , Police and  other security agents were at the meeting of oath taking chaired by  traditional ruler of Igbariam and Chairman of Traditional ruler of  Anambra East , Igwe NN Kelly and Chairman of Traditional rulers council  of Anmabra West Igwe Sylverster Nnose.   



  1. What makes this very interesting is that the traditional religion has been acknowledged, as were centuries ago when there were no crimes, due to the fear of being caught or paying for the offense the very hard way––death. It shows that Africans do believe that their religion is more powerful than any import. And if they could uphold it, the society will be a paradise. Something no other religion has been able to do, besides the imposition of inferiority complex, which is the roots of African underdevelopment. I believe that the oath will be upheld and kept to more than the ten commandments. This is the U-turn people need to look into, and see the possibility of bringing back traditional religion mainstream, and rid all the erroneous and ugly names it has been called. That is the real thing and God made it possible.

  2. People travel from far and wide to Nigeria to seek these powers. Some pretending to be doing research, thesis of doctorate dessertation, while Africans are busy and spending millions traveling to foreign lands for pilgrimage, neglecting their own thing they should be polishing up and collecting billions from people around the world too. Poverty is crafted and can be self inflicted when you forgo your own God given talents in pursuit of others who have taken time to polish up their liturgy, and make it very attractive. It is all about art direction. I went to Vatican Rome to see things my self. Every image that is supposed to be Jesus or Mary was invented by artist Michaelangelo and African gravitate to it like it is the real thing. And they laugh at us behind our backs. If you hear Arabs talk about Africans in their denigrating fashion, you will never go to Mecca and hug with them. Some Africans even travel to India thinking they have it, while Indians come to our backyards sourcing it. It is embarrassing. The day Africans uphold their religion enmasse, you will see a global revolution unfold, and they will then be given the respect they so much deserve for centuries.

  3. May God Bless all those who had the courage and vision to seek the oath. It is long overdue. They have really saluted African civilization the big way. Even God is proud of it. And watch out and see how peace will reign in this community like miracle clock.

  4. Cardinal Arinze was not voted Pope for a few of these reasons; they see Catholisim as their private business, and on the other hand, seriously think that Africans already have their own religion, and fear that their own will be Africanized. When it was time to replace Pope John Paul the media did all they could to show African churches in East Africa dancing and dressed the African way, and media pundits refused to call it Christainity, and were openly angry. And how can a black Pope emanate from such mentality? We have ourselves to blame for agreeing that we have nothing, thereby converting in droves with the hope that Jesus is coming to take us to who knows where. We should take care of our business, right here on earth. Dooms day sermon is fueled by laziness, and by people who want to keep us running in circle to no where, as we remain economic third rate.

  5. The devil is very subtle in his devices. This oath taking in the shrine is his handiwork. He is cashing on prevailing circumstances to change our mindset. He is trying to dethrone God from our hearts and enthrone himself . Allegiance to the Almighty God has no doubt been shifted to the gods and goddesses who are nothing but agents/messengers of Satan.There is only one true God. Anything else is false. I doubt whether any of the witnesses got away spiritually hitch free; except of course those who are genuine children of God,covered by the blood of Jesus who were compelled to be there by nature of their jobs. We have enough evils to contend with in Anambra state and in Nigeria at large. May God deliver us form this obnoxious sin. Make no mistake about, you cannot fight evil with evil.


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