Trouble in Kwankwaso’s home, Son beats Mother to pulp

Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Musa kwankwaso
Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Musa kwankwaso

Two weeks ago, the young Mustapha aged between 25 and 27 years old was reported to have launched a physical assault on the wife of his father – his step mother. As learnt the two [Mustapha and Step mother] had been exchanging verbal fighting words –resulting from the drug induced mannerisms that Mustapha had exhibited at the house. Mustapha had threatened the children of his step mother that he will kill them – and also threatened their mother with death. The threats resulted to exchange of angry words – when Mustapha launched his fist at his step mother – punching her till she fell and sprained her ankle. She was briefly hospitalized and released. She currently walks with a limp.

Mustapha’s mother was the wife of Governor Kwankwaso before he sacked her and married his current wife [Mustapha’s step mother] in 1999.

According to information gathered from competent sources within the Kwankwaso circle of influence, the behavior and antics of the first son of the governor, Mustapha had become the principal ache and/or embarrassment to the administration. Some claim “like father like son” in describing the Mustapha’s behavioral excesses.

Some observers close to the executive affairs in Kano acknowledge that the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] governor of Kano State, Malam Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso may have bitten more than he can chew when he sacked his first wife at the eve of his 1999 gubernatorial victory at the polls – to mount the governor’s seat as the governor of Kano State. Gov. Kwankwaso had sacked his first wife following his victory at the polls in 1999. He immediately married another wife – and she became the first lady of Kano State. The sacked wife’s son followed Kwankwaso to the government house – where information available to indicates that he has wreaked havoc in Kano since his father’s accession to the executive seat.

Mustapha, as gathered, has been the ‘local champion’ in Kano metropolis. He is notorious at the local drug and prostitution joints in Kano State. Particularly, he is known to frequent the many prostitution hangouts in minority dominated Sabon Gari town – one of the many joints he frequents is Mirabo Hotel located along Middle road – where men and women of the night met to indulge in illicit sex and drugs. Mustapha is known to attend the hotel religiously every weekend. Another night spot where the first son of Kano state was sighted recently engaging in a drug rave is the Mozida night club located at Nomansland in Sabon Gari. The Mozida night club is considered an elite night club that caters primarily to the children to top ranking money men in Kano.

Late last year, the first son of Kano State was caught up in an altercation with the agents of the State Security Service [SSS] – along Maiduguri road in Kano – when his vehicle was among the chain of vehicles stopped at the Joint Task Force [JTF] checkpoint. As reported, the first son – broke the chain and zoomed for the checkpoint – breaking the checkpoint and nearly injuring an elderly cleric who was standing near the main road. When he was questioned, he boasted that his father was the number one citizen of the State. As expected, his father rallied and got him off the hook.

Gov. Rabiu Kwankwaso, on his part, is reported to not be a stranger to illicit drugs and the street lifestyle. He is said to be in preparation for a 2015 presidential run under the PDP or the newly formed All Progressive Congress [APC] – depending on the political interplay within the PDP over the issue of automatic ticket for the incumbent president. Knowledgeable sources believe the Kano state governor has an uphill battle come 2015.

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  1. A very poorly written report, full of grammatical errors and lacking in substance. Please for future reports, ensure there is substance and the sentences are well structured.

  2. have you not mention it all like father like son; i weep for 2015;even those who cannot exercise control in there families are angling to rule naija

  3. This is non sense! whether you like it or not Kwankwaso is a Hero and a man to trust, a transformational and visionary leader. we aspire to have him as our president

  4. If all these have been known since 1999, why is it coming up only now – when Kwonkwaso just declared his ambition to contest for the presidency against GEJ? Is it the case of ‘the hands of Jacob but the voice of Esau’? Are you trying the raise the standard of morals as a gauge to leadership? If so, you better as well just stop right there, because ‘your man’ cannot measure up a bit – NOT one chance in a million!

  5. This is bulshirt on reliable report a story full of sentiment who ever moves forward have more forward u can’t bring him back word kwankwaso the great governor n 2015 president by the grace of god

  6. This report must be coming from a professional tout. How can a report of this magnitude, start and end without a credible source? Sources, what or which sources are we talking about? For any reporter to link the Governor to drugs without concrete facts could be libelous if tested at the court of law. Pls kindly edit your stories well, to safe guard your credibility and save your readers from reading junk and unsubstantiated report.

  7. Mtsseew! This is arrant nonsense. I can’t help but wonder how internet based media outlets as such could be used just to tarnish the image of credible leaders as Kwankwaso with unsubstantiated reports simply because he’s eyeing the presidential sit.

    Yes, Gov. Kwankwaso may have some family issues, especially with regards to his eldest son, but this is not alien to every other family. And its certainly not to the degree that you are exaggerating it to seem. For one to connect Kwankwaso with drugs… I don’t even know what to say about that. I’ve lived in Kano all my life & with good ties to the family, but this is the firts time am hearing such dirty lies in this magnitude.

    This is nothing but shameless & cowardly political bull shit from an uncredible, idiotic media outlet that am coming across for the first time. You guys should really becareful the kind of reports you post on your pages or run the risk of getting sued. I can only pray for the Lord Almighty to guide people like you who sell lies to fill your dirty tummies.

  8. we have all known that the said governor has been the kind of unsofisticated leaders we ever had in kano state.To kano people it’s now left for u to reelect the party (PDP)


  10. This is nothing bt a huge lie, weda the sponsors of this baseless issue lyk it or nt kwankwaso has already been 2 whr dey dnt wnt 2 cee him, this is a souceless publication, as a friend 2 him nd almost 2geda I can stand whre eva 2 depend the truth.. This has neva happen nd will neva happen, he’s not is d country 4 almst 2 months.. Busy setting his businessz all round da globe.. Am nt depending him bt jes narrating d fact. I dnt wrte dis 2 favour him bcus he dnt hav wat 2 offer me.. Pulishers shud try nd gt d reliable facts b4 publicing . He has d right 2 sue da publisher diz deformation of chracter nd also tresspas 2 family issue dat thy wia nt invited.

  11. Assalam, I was very shock about. What I had’ and very surprise, Bcause am like a blood Brother To Mustapha this is Lie bcause Mustapha was not in d country 4d fast 4month back, and I know what my friend can do but we are going 2 court for Claiming d damage of my friend and our Governor Dr Rabiu Kwankwaso.

  12. This’s nothing but bunch of lies, Mustapha never exchanged words with his step mother talkless of what u wrote up ther. And for the past 2 months we’re together with mustapha in dubai, So am asking were did this happened in kano or dubai?


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