Sudan: At least 20 die in shootout in border area


SUDAN crude

Sudan and the U.N. say a shootout in a disputed oil-rich  border region has left at least 20 people dead, including at least one Ethiopian  U.N. peacekeeper and a tribal chief traveling with them.

Khartoum’s Interior Ministry in a statement carried by  Sudan’s media on Sunday said 21 were killed in Abyei district, including Koul  Deng Majok , an ethnic Ngok Dinka from neighboring South Sudan, two  peacekeepers, and 17 members of the Misseriya tribe.

It said Majok’s tribe had failed to inform Misseriya  tribesmen they would be visiting the area.

The UN said earlier that Majok and one peacekeeper were  killed in the Saturday incident that apparently pitted Dinka farmers against  Misseriya herders.

Abyei is a sticking point between Sudan and South Sudan.

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