ACN Challenges Amaechi To Expose Shady Deals Of His Opponents




The Action Congress of Nigeria ACN, Rivers State Chapter, has called on Gov Rotimi Amaechi to translate his words into action, by exposing the tinted activities and actions of those he said are the rippers of the State economy.


The Party recalls that Gov Amaechi said he will expose those fighting against him and whenever he opens up, people would no longer respect any of the persons fighting him. He, however, did not name them.

It is on this premise that ACN demands from him names of those committing any kind of evil against the State, or else, he will be taken as an accomplice.  


ACN in a Press statement issued in Port Harcourt wonders why it took Gov Amaechi these years and the horrifying heats on his head to decide to either open up or dissociate himself from the unholy activities of his political opponents in the State, saying the long years of his muteness on these actions and development has in no way helped the people and the anticipated growth and development in the State.


The Party’s Statement signed by the State Publicity Secretary, Jerry Needam, believes that if he (Amaechi) was not a partner in those ‘evil actions’ of the politicians as he alleged, he would have come out long ago to unfold and inform Rivers people accordingly in his usual characteristics.


“We think he is only playing to the gallery, trying to confuse the political stage the more. But what is sure is that Rivers people and Nigerians cannot be hand-twisted and made to believe falsehood concocted to douse the tension, anxiety and counter the stony revelations on some purported business transactions engaged in by the Rotimi Administration”, ACn stressed.


However, recent statements emanating from the Rivers State Governor do not present him as truly who he ought to be. It is worrisome the manner he (Amaechi) has conducted himself by engaging in reckless utterances capable of sparking disaffections, alienation and crisis in the State.  


“It is however important that we remind Gov Amaechi of the various available records of contracts he got and still being awarded between 1999 when he was Speaker of the Rivers State House of Assembly till date that he sits as the Governor of the State. There are also astonishing records of his business interests within and outside the state that may not portray him as a better person as he claims to be in his statement.


“It is also important that Governor Amaechi is told that he who lives in a glass house needs not throw stones,” ACN insists.


ACN in the State will stop at nothing, but to embarrass Gov Amaechi and his Administration with facts of their shady business transactions and political recklessness if he fails to act accordingly. 



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