Reconciling GEJ’s Administration With The Political Ambition Of Its Members/By Emeka Oraetoka



In the run-up to 2007 general elections, one funny event occurred in Aso Rock. The spiritual leader in the church in Aso Villa, Professor Yusuf Obaje, revealed that God had ordained him as the next occupant of Lugard House in Lokoja- for short, the undisputed governor of Kogi State. The then President, Obasanjo did not waste time in showing him the exit door.

The point being made here is that Professor Yusuf Obaje, exploited the cordial relationship he had with the then President, Obasanjo, in flying the kite of God ordained next governor of Kogi State. On the other hand, Obasanjo seeing the negative political implication of Obaje’s move wasted no time in showing him the door out of Aso- Villa. Eventually though, Obaje contested the 2007 governorship election in the State and lost woefully. In contrast, the current governor of Ondo State, Olusegun Mimiko, a cabinet minister in Obasanjo’s administration, resigned his appointment, contested the 2007 governorship election of Ondo State and lost to Olusegun Agagu but won in the Law Court.

As 2015 general elections approaches, what played out in Obasanjo’s administration is gradually creeping into President GoodLuck Jonathan’s government. Although, media reports suggested that government has detailed some serving Ministers, Senators to work against some “recalcitrant” Governors elected under the platform of PDP. If these reports are correct, it means some cabinet members are campaigning in their States with the consent of President Jonathan. It also means that the performance contract the President had with his cabinet Ministers, not too long, could be selectively evaluated; since anybody preparing to give the incumbent governor a run for his money in any of the State of the federation will not have the time to deliver in his ministry. However, the current effort by the Chairman board of Trustees of PDP in settling the problem between the Chairmen of the Party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, is suggesting that the report of about recalcitrant governors may not be correct after all.

Within a space of three [3] weeks, one man in President Jonathan’s cabinet, Nze Akachkwu Nwankpo, the secretary of SURE-P, appears to have kick started his campaign to occupy government house, Awka. About two weeks ago, he was in the house of a prominent traditional ruler in Anambra North to receive traditional title.  A not too palatable incident occurred on that fateful day. Information had it that youths from the Zone numbering about 3000 went on rampage over Nwankpo’s visit, which in actual fact was a subtle campaign. This writer is not in any way saying that Akachukwu has no right under the Constitution to aspire to become the Governor of Anambra State, come 2014. The suggestion would have been for him to resign from the cabinet of GoodLuck Jonathan, and then start the process of becoming the next governor of Anambra State.

The latest advertorial insinuation in Vanguard of 13th April 2013, in page 14, is a clear testimony of an attempt by Akachukwu and his supporters to drag President GoodLuck Jonathan into Anambra State slippery political turf, and it constitutes a clear distraction to the President. Yes, Nwankpo could be a childhood friend of Mr. President. However, dropping his name for campaign will certainly constitute a disservice to Mr. President as person and his office as well. Obviously, President Jonathan’s administration will be having its hands full with Nwankpo’s foray into the mockery waters of Anambra politics. The administration of SURE-P could experience abandonment with Nwankpo’s absence. The relative peace being experienced in the State’s PDP could be ruptured, as Akachukwu, seen in many quarters as a political upstart, and he is generally thought to be coming to hijack Anambra PDP with the active support of Mr. President.

If Akachukwu Nwakpo says or believes he is divinely ordained to be the next Governor of Anambra State as the latest Vanguard Newspaper advertorial suggest,  the best he can do now is to resign his appointment in President Jonathan’s cabinet and focus more on his ambition. A situation where dropping of Mr. President’s name in the State has become his campaign selling point will surely not help party cohesion in the State. The best for Nwankpo in this circumstance is to emulate Professor Yusuf Obaje who said he had God assurance with respect to his ambition. If I were to be Mr. President I will go for Obasanjo’s option in Akachukwu’s case.






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