Rebuttal: ‘How the Anambra State Flood funds were mismanaged’


Dear Sir,

My attention has been drawn to the recycled baseless and malicious report posted on the 247ureport website recently on how the Anambra State Flood funds were mismanaged. That report first appeared in Orient Newspaper in January 2013.

The so-called request by CD south-east represents the basest and most plebeian form of politicking and journalism. Had they checked, they would have known the SFDRCC issued a formal interim report at the close of 2012. A copy of the attached report is self-explanatory. Attached also, is the distribution table for the funds as at the end of February 2013. Moreover, members of a 14-man Board of Trustees, are responsible for managing Anambra’s Flood Disaster Emergency Trust Fund. Hence, CD’s allegation is only meant to malign.

For the sake of balanced news reporting, transparency and equal opportunity, I request that you also publish both documents. Thanks.

Oseloka H. Obaze
SSG, Anambra

See the links below for the two reports referenced.


Fund Distribution v2 – 25-2-2013



  1. Thank God for this baseless baseless and malicious ,recycled report. Otherwise, the committee set up by government to discharge a public function would not have known that they should report to the public how the duty was discharged. They would now require any body or organization who wants to know to CHECK ,thereby creating needless bottlenecks here and there. Yet nothing guarantees that when you enquire you will get it immediately.
    Mr Obaze ought o have apologized for not publishing this report earlier.


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