Proposed Midterm Convention By Tony Momoh Led CPC NEC Is A Fraud


The proposed midterm national convention of the CPC under the purported leadership of Prince Tony Momoh is a fraud which is meant to deceive and mislead the ignorant and innocent members and supporters of our party. Until the legality of the purported national convention that brought in their purported leadership is determined by the court, every step taken to determine the faith of our party is illegal.

The only legal and authentic national leadership of the CPC is the leadership of Senator Rufai Hanga who do not only have the possession of the original registration certificate of the party, but also the followership of the true membership of the party.

We are still in court. The case was earlier struck out on some frivolous grounds and was directed to be refilled which we have done. Hearing has been fixed within the month.

We are not against the proposed merger but we are not part of the arrangement. For a convention to be organized by an illegal leadership of a party to affirm the involvement of our party in their proposed merger is funny and does not have any legal backing. INEC should be careful before it compounds the problems of our party, and by extension the proposed APC.

Except INEC is part of the game, we are waiting to see if the rules of merger guiding the intending political parties would be bent for the Tony Momoh led CPC to fuse into the proposed APC without submitting the original certificate of our party back to INEC.

We are therefore alerting those who are genuinely expectant of the proposed APC not to hold us responsible for the legal flaws which would arise after the emergence of their proposed new party as a result of the unfinished legal issues on who are the actual national leadership of the CPC. However one may try to paint falsehood, injustice under any guise cannot stand the test of time.


CPC Protem National Publicity Secretary



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