Mr President, Stop Tiv-Kuteb War




I respectfully write on behalf of
displace,hapless,deprived,dehumanize,traumatise and grossly
marginalize Tiv people. And as a law abiding and peace loving citizen
of this great country. I wish to draw the attention of Mr President
Dr. Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan (GCFR),to the well planned and deliberate
efforts to exterminate the Tiv people of Taraba and Benue States,by
the Kuteb ethnic group. The mayhem unleashed against the Tiv people by
the Kuteb militants,specifically of Takum extraction is unprecedented
in the history of Nigeria.
The cold-blooded murder of innocent women,men and children,the wanton
destruction of properties of the Tiv people has continue with reckless
disregard for the law or constituted authority by the Kuteb
militants,with specific and particular references to the recent
attacks on Tiv villages on the 11th,23th and 25th April,2013. Where
many people were killed and several others missing and properties
worth millions of naira destroyed.
The magnitude of the attacks was so massive to the extend that if not
checked it has the capacity to distabilize and undermined the nascent
democracy and consequently halt the transformational agenda of Mr
The well planned ethnic cleansing of the Tiv by Kutebs is a well
calculated attempt and is very similar to the situation that occurred
some years back in Ruwanda which degenerated in to irreversible crises
of monumental proportions.
Mr President,before hostilities broke out in year 2000 between the Tiv
and Kuteb,the two neighbours co-existed peacefully in Wukari
Federation before independence,under natives laws and customs. The two
tribes inter-married,attended each others festivities,school together
and always group together in the same political units.
But in 2000 things fall apart,as fighting broke out between the two
ethnic groups. A total of 250 villages were burnt and properties worth
N200 milion were destroyed. Also in 2006,violence crashes again
erupted and lasted till  2007. Which hundreds of people lost their
lives,several others injured with million of Naira worth properties
Worried by the persistence of Tiv,Kuted crises in Takum LGA in Taraba
State. Shortly after assumption of office in 2007,Governor Suntai
constituted a high powered peace committee,chaired by Emmanuel
Injuwa(SSG) to Taraba State government. The committee brought must of
the respected leaders,ten each from both sides. The peace committee
achieved tremendous success for quite sometimes only to be truncated
on the morning of thursday,11th April,2013 with the merciless and
unprovoked attack by the Kuteb militants. Who were dressed in what
look like army camouflages,armed with sophisticated military weapons
attack our defenceless civilians killing 16 and kidnapped 11 people.
This was reported in the media. The massacre continue on the 23th
April,2013. The Kuteb militants again attack Gawa a border town in
Benue and killed 6 people while properties worth millions naira
destroyed with thousands of people displace. On the 25th
April,2013,the Kuteb militants attack again this time they burnt down
300 houses,set ablez food barns,killed 3 people,destroyed
farmland,economic trees etc. This again was reported in print and
online media. The attack came barely a week after a reconciliatory
meeting between the governors of Benue and Taraba States. Despite all
these peace efforts between Governor Suswam and Acting Governor
Umar,the Kutebs continue to thwart them. They have intermittently and
sporadically attack,maimed and killed the Tiv people. As write now the
war between the two neighbours is still going on. Mr President,I
acknowledge the huge responsibilities place upon you as the leader of
this great nation,however I want to state categorically that as a
responsible citizens of Nigeria,the Tiv people are entitled to
protected as they go about in pursuit of their legitimate business. I
am passionately using this medium to appeal to you to intervene.

Mr John Akevi writes from Bauchi.



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